Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Norwex sales expert and builder of business leaders. Senior Vice President Sales Leader for Norwex. Experienced consultant in direct-home sales — and also a stay-at-home mom.

November specials

Introduce the whole family to Norwex this month with our great kids products.

Rewards for hosts

It’s Mop Month with a twist! Host a Norwex party and potentially earn our top-selling mop. 

Why Norwex?

There are three big reasons I encourage people to use Norwex cleaning products:

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A healthier home

With Norwex’s Microfiber, you can clean effectively with only water — which reduces your family’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Save money

An average household spends at least $600 a year on chemical cleaning products and supplies. I’ll show you how to save by using Norwex instead.

Save time

I like that Norwex products are designed for efficient cleaning — which allows me to spend more time with the people I love, doing the things I care about.

It’s smart to work with Pam

My success comes from every effort I make to help others be successful, too. So, I have built Norwex’s dynamic and highly successful Green Team to empower other Norwex consultants to reach their personal and professional goals by selling Norwex cleaning products.

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Green Team members receive exclusive, online instruction that makes it easy to start their own business and quickly ramp up sales of Norwex cleaning products. The team’s training website features videos, sales tips and product information, customer success stories and online forums where you can collaborate with your colleagues to meet sales goals.

Look great

When you join the Go Green Team, you can focus on sales and having fun. Members receive exclusive, online access to polished sales materials that take the stress out of marketing and communications for the Norwex consultant.

Find major support

The entire Green Team’s organized and knowledgable sales leaders know Norwex cleaning products — from our best-selling detergent to our must-have Enviro Cloth. The Green Team’s top Norwex consultants are accessible, approachable — and committed to helping you succeed.

The Numbers don’t lie

If you are looking to Join Norwex, give yourself the best start possible by joining my team.

There are 400 leaders on my commissionable team. That reflects the time and resources invested in helping others develop successful Norwex businesses.

With more than 9,000 members, The Go Green Team is one of the most successful and supportive networks of Norwex sales consultants in North America.


of new team members who sign with the Go Green Team qualify to earn their Norwex Starter Kit for free. This kit provides everything needed to launch a successful Norwex business.

Start your own business

The Green Team is one of the most successful and supportive networks of Norwex sales consultants in North America. Founded 2009, the Green Team has thousands of consultants who live across the United States. With the guidance and the resources I provide exclusively to them, Green Team members have the support they need to advance their careers within Norwex — and to meet an array of other professional and personal goals, too.

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Buy & Host With Pam

Experience the healthy Norwex lifestyle with friends, fun — and rewards! As a Norwex event host, you’ll enjoy one of the best incentive plans in the home party industry. Earning free products has never been easier. Book an event with one of the company’s most knowledgeable and helpful Norwex sales consultants today.

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Want to host a party? Want to join the team? I would love to hear from you.

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Contact Pam

Want to host a party? Want to join the team? Pam would love to hear from you.

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