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Pam Altendorf - A Norwex Independent Consultant
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Kids love Norwex too!

  Kids really do care about making healthy choices. But sometimes it’s hard. A cheeseburger is more tempting than broccoli, computer games with bright lights and sounds seem more entertaining than running around outside, and, to a young child, imitation...

Ask Pam

Ask Pam: Quick tips for a spotless holiday kitchen

  With the holidays just around the corner, most of us will be spending, even more, time in the kitchen than we already do. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is probably the most used room in my house. My oldest kids are home from college, everyone is...

Ask Pam

Ask Pam: Protect the skin you’re in

Adult acne and breakouts are the worst! I always thought that I would be done with them after my teen years. But it turns out that I have sensitive skin and flare-ups are still sometimes part of my life, even in my 40s. Fortunately, making the switch to Norwex nine...

Ask PamNorwex Products

Ask Pam: New Norwex products we LOVE

  It has been an incredible fall so far. I’ve had the good fortune of welcoming more than 500 new consultants to my Go Green Team who want to share the benefits of Norwex with others and help create safe havens all over the country. I’ve also been traveling...

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Halloween party fun with Norwex

Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a party — costumes required, or not.  Just pull out your favorite spooky Halloween decorations, mix up some witches brew and make up a batch of “Mummy Dogs” (see recipe below.) Add a couple of creepy party games and your...

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Contact Pam

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