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Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Norwex consultant for free: if you sign up to join the Green Team anytime through March 16, you’ll have no upfront costs — except for a $9.99 shipping fee that delivers all you’ll need to start your business.

That makes Norwex a no-risk venture — and an opportunity for life change that doesn’t come around often. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Norwex consultant for free — and reap the rewards.

Check out this Join For Free flyer  to see what you’ll receive in your free Starter Kit as a new Norwex consultant. This Starter Kit includes one EnviroCloth, one Window Cloth, one Dusting Mitt and one SpiriSponge. These are the essentials — the backbone of Norwex’s line of green cleaning products — and they’re yours at no cost just for signing up. And get this: when you join our team in February, Norwex also will give you an enhanced Starter Kit that includes three additional free products: the Makeup Removal Cloth Set, the Lint Mitt and the Mighty Mesh. That’s an additional $42 retail value that will help you jumpstart your business.

If you’re really looking to get off to a roaring start now through March 16, Norwex has also deeply discounted the prices of the Upgrade Packages that are available in addition to your free Starter Kit. These upgrades will allow you to demonstrate more products at your first Norwex events — and there are three upgrade packages to choose from.

Several Go Green Team leaders launched their successful careers when they became a Norwex consultant for free. They enjoyed no upfront costs and no sales requirement. Why not join them now with no risk and be part of something greater than yourself?

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