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Pam Altendorf is committed to helping people develop the leadership skills required for success in business and life. When you join the Norwex Green Team, you’ll find colleagues who pledge to:

1. Be authentic

Authenticity in leadership and business requires honesty and transparency. It is making sure what you say and do are consistent, not contradictory. It is being present, monitoring yourself and actively working to develop both courage and humility. True business leaders act with integrity even in difficult situations and at times of uncertainty. They admit mistakes, keep commitments and promises, and promote trust among others.

2. Bring out the best in people

Collaboration is mission-critical to the Go Green Team’s success. Members listen to differing and new ideas that create win-win solutions that build business. They draw out the positive attributes and assets of all team members and use them to everyone’s advantage. Green Team members try new things and different approaches. They find out what motivates their colleagues, and they actively encourage them to pursue the activities and styles that work for them. They compliment people and give them specific praise so they know what they’re doing right. They’re also encouraging of each other when mistakes are made because they understand that’s how everyone learns how to take appropriate risks.

3. Be receptive to feedback

Accepting feedback or criticism can be tough — especially when failure feels fresh. But being open to honest appraisal is essential to business growth and to becoming an effective leader. Because everyone makes mistakes, it’s always smart to try to “fail forward.” That means regrouping quickly to consult with colleagues, mentors and other leaders about what could have happened better and how to avoid making the same mistake again. Green Team members aren’t afraid of having their egos bruised because they’re far more interested in doing what it takes to be a successful business leader.

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