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Signing up as a Norwex consultant for FREE from Feb. 1-March 16 is a chance to change your life.

Take it from Melinda Decker, one of the top leaders of the Go Green Team. She became a consultant at no cost and now has a career she could never have dreamed of.

Read her story, feel inspired and make the life-changing decision to join this team!

Here’s her story:

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From left to right: team member Cheryl Froelich, Melinda Decker and Traci Kruse.


Mrs. Decker with her family.

“If you had told me 16 months ago that I would be in a direct sales company selling cleaning products I would have told you that was crazy! I need another job like I need my appendix back!!  My family and I run a Tearoom & Gift Shop, we also run a Semi-Annual Vintage Market, and I sell Antique, vintage and “Junktique” items monthly at a large outdoor market. With 2 boys, a hubby and a dog to entertain also, that leaves me with very little down time.

My best friend invited me to her Norwex party last January. I said Thanks, but No Thanks….I had been invited to 3 other parties and did not go, I definitely was not driving an hour to her house for one!  But, she lured me there with Mexican food & Margaritas and I quickly fell in love with the products!  I booked a party and held it in February, which happened to be a free sign up month. I thought, “what the heck, I’ll see if a few of my friends want to have parties, I’ll get some more free products, I should be done with all of that before my busy summer gets here”.  Ha, who was I fooling????

So my first party was a little bit of a train wreck. On the way to the host’s house I found out that her water was going to be shut off due to a pipe freezing on her town’s Main St.  I barely knew what to do with the products, but I knew I needed WATER to make everything work! I called her and quickly told her to run a big pot of water before they turned it off….we made it by about 2 minutes!! The party went ok, she ended up with about $350 in sales, and I was excited!!  Then, as I was working on the host’s order it hit me…the FLU that is! My husband and boys had suffered through it a few days before, and very suddenly it was my turn.  As I was filling out her order, I felt the urge, quickly jumped up, ran to the bathroom, launched her resting cat off of the toilet, and threw up in her toilet….with still no water to flush it with. Luckily she was a friend, how embarrassing!  As quick as it came, it was over. And I can honestly say that was the last bout of sickness my family has had! (maybe it’s the Norwex….)

After a few parties, I was excited to keep getting bookings, and thought “I’ll just see how far this goes”. Then, a great friend was so impressed with how the basic pack cleaned her black appliances, she decided to be a consultant! I had my first new team member!  Then I did not want to stop.  Really?? This company gives me products every month when I have good sales, I get shopping sprees when new team members start to excel, we get fun Norwex incentives, I make great money, why wouldn’t I want to keep going with this!?!?

My husband was a little reluctant at first, rolling his eyes because he knows how I come up with “fun ways to create more work for myself”. Then he saw me trying to prove all the products wrong when I got my Fresh Step boxes, and thought he could handle my extra cleaning! Then when he saw that the first few months of my sales paid for new tires, the remainder of what we owed for our new pool, and SO much more, I think he was OK with it!!

I was thrilled to become a Team Coordinator in July, and felt priviledged and honored to walk across the stage at the Norwex National Conference!!  I have such a wonderful team, and hope to meet my goal of becoming a Sales Leader in March!!  I have met so many other consultants, guests and hosts that I can now call friends.  I thought it was so neat to hear the stories at Conference; so many that started out like mine (well, maybe not the flu thing!)  Many I met had stories of no intentions of hosting a party, let alone becoming a consultant…but then we all saw the products, saw the potential, and then BOOM, hooked!!

I feel like this is so much more than a job….so much more than a direct sales company.  As corny as some think it sounds, we DO changes peoples lives for the better, we DO make a difference, and I could definitely not say that had I been selling jewelry for the past year!! My family is better because of Norwex, both financially and health-wise, and so are all of the customers I have met in the last year.  Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had gone to the first Norwex party I was invited to?  I may have joined, or maybe not….Things happen for a reason. I am so glad I went to THAT party, had MY party, took that FREE kit, and started on a journey with THIS team!!!  I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring to me, and my awesome team, and Norwex!!”

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