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Becoming a consultant in a direct-sales company like Norwex allows the freedom to set your own schedule and work when you want — which can radically change life for the better.

Direct sales is a multi-level marketing form of business in which workers typically called “consultants” sell products independently for a larger company — such as Norwex, which makes effective, eco-friendly cleaning products. These products are sold in homes and during private and special public events, not in retail stores.

The more personal and approachable environments in which direct-sales professionals work provide greater freedom to build businesses based in genuine trust and friendship. To grow, direct-sales companies have an incentive to provide the resources that help every consultant develop leadership skills and confidence. Workers are not forced through a funnel and promoted only when there is a job or a promotion available for them. In direct sales, the consultant takes charge of his or her ascension.

Sales leaders and executives are encouraged to build sales teams of their own and typically make a commission off sales coming from those recruits — which is all the more incentive for people to work collaboratively so they can become even better sellers and consistently improve their profits.

If you’re still undecided about whether a career in direct sales is for you, here are five more reasons direct sales is a smart choice.

1. You work for yourself. If you join Pam Altendorf’s Green Team, you don’t have a direct boss to report to with deadlines and regular, mandatory meetings. You are an entrepreneur, and you get to decide when you clock in, when you clock out and how to structure your business.

2. The sky’s the limit. Because Norwex consultants work on commission and can work as much as they want, you get to decide how big you want your business to be and how far you climb in terms of sales. You also get to choose the people you’ll add to your own sales team. Your mentorship of other sales consultants not only will improve the lives of others — but yours, too.

3. Stay-at-home parents feel empowered. Many Green Team members started as stay-at-home parents who wanted to feel productive and bring some income into their household. Many of them sold beyond their expectations and not only are changing their families’ lives — but also feeling good about how there changing the lives of other families for the better.

4. You earn FREE products — especially with Norwex That’s right, the more Norwex products you sell, the more you have the opportunity to earn products at no cost to you. You can, of course, keep those freebies — or sell them at a profit. For example, in March, a consultant who sells $3,000 in products and recruits one new person to Norwex, will receive the following Norwex products: 2 EnviroCloths, 1 Window Cloth, purple, 1 Kitchen Cloth, 1 Kids EnviroCloth and 1 Bathroom Scrub Mitt. That bundle of products has a market value of $125.

5. You really do get to change people’s lives. With Norwex, you’re not just selling highly effective and time-saving cleaning products, you’re selling a new way to clean houses, cars, schools, businesses and more without the use of harmful chemicals. You’re promoting the Norwex Mission, which includes supporting businesses, organizations and fundraisers that seek to make a better, more habitable, less polluted world.

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