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Through my work with Norwex, I’ve had the good fortune to meet the most incredible people. (I’m doubly blessed because so many of them collaborate with me on a daily basis as members of my Go Green Team!)

Independent Norwex Consultants come from cities, towns and villages from all corners of the country and all backgrounds. They find their way to Norwex for a variety of reasons. A concern for the environment, an interest in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, a desire to save time and money on cleaning, or a need to earn income on a flexible schedule, may drive their decision to sign on.

The one thing we all have in common, though, is that we get so much more out of our experience than we ever expected including being part of a great community and having a lot of fun while sharing our passion for Norwex’s products and mission and creating safe havens.

If you are considering a career with Norwex, I encourage you to be inspired by the experiences shared by the consultants and leaders in the Go Green Team. You’ll find that they started out with the same concerns and questions you may have, and overcame them to build thriving businesses and change their lives.

To learn more about joining Norwex or being part of my team, contact me anytime.


My Journey


Name: Sarah Schumaker

Leadership Level: Senior Executive Sales Leader

Location: Denver, CO

Date Signed with Norwex: May 2011

Month/Year promoted to that leadership level: April 2012

I have lived most of my life in Chicago, but moved to the Denver area in June 2011, right at the same time I joined Norwex. I loved being able to make the move and start a new business venture at the same time.

Initially, it was challenging to get bookings because I didn’t know many people, but I got some traction by persevering. Then, my business just took off.

I started with Norwex when my friend invited me to a cleaning party — which I, of course, declined to attend because I don’t “do parties.” But because she is a dear friend, I invited her to dinner to say goodbye before I left for Colorado.

Being the good friend she is, she brought her Norwex cloths. And being the smart friend, she brought the Pink Envirocloth (my daughter was 6 years old at the time). In the time it took me to plate a dinner I had already cooked, she cleaned my sliding glass doors spotlessly and effortlessly. And when my daughter used the same cloth to clean my granite and stainless, I was hooked!

Never having seen a party or a catalog, I decided I wanted to sell because I am the type of person who loves to share good things with people. I researched a little about the company because I was leery of direct sales, but everything I discovered confirmed my decision to sign.

My favorite thing about Norwex is that it is really the perfect product. It’s better, faster, cheaper, easier, healthier and greener. It’s really a “no-brainer” decision to buy. And really an easy decision to sell as well. What is better than sharing a product that everyone needs, wants and loves?

I know for certain that when I tell others about Norwex, I am doing them a favor because I know the products will bless and help them. I also know when I share the Norwex business opportunity, I am improving someone’s quality of life. This helps me share with confidence, and it is the reason my team includes more than 80 people and is growing rapidly.

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