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There are so many reasons to join Norwex and the Go Green Team.

Maybe you could use some extra cash to pay off your credit cards, save for a vehicle or a family vacation. Maybe you need to get out of the house for some adult conversation, or maybe you would just like free products. Whatever the reason, whatever your dreams, Norwex can be the answer.

1. Flexible hours: You decide when to work. Better yet, you decide when not to work.

2. Excellent earnings: Most consultants earn an average of $40 per hour, with potential to make so much more. Plus we have the most generous hostess program… and it’s company funded, so your hostesses earn big too.

3. In-demand product line: Our high-quality, money-saving, environmentally-friendly products appeal to the largest demographic. We offer numerous patented, consumable products, which in turn bring you residual business.

4. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself: Enjoy the independence of your own business, while you have the support of experienced team managers and home office staff when you need them.

5. Low-pressure environment: You are not pressured, so you don’t have to pressure your customers.

6. Competitive pricing structure: We offer a unique combination of competitive prices and quality service. We add a generous guarantee, because we believe in the quality of our products.

7. Unlimited market: Build your business where you choose. No selling areas. Choose home parties, trade shows, commercial sales, fundraisers and more.

8. Growth potential: Norwex is the fastest growing direct-sales company to date, with unlimited opportunities for advancement and achievement.

9. Incentive programs: Our consultants enjoy shopping sprees, and huge prizes (i.e.: Paid vacation trips, and much more on top of a very generous commission.)

10. Enjoyable work: At last, something that is both fun and interesting, and changes peoples (yours and your customers) lives for the better!”

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