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Through my work with Norwex, I’ve had the good fortune to meet the most incredible people. (I’m doubly blessed because so many of them collaborate with me on a daily basis as members of my Go Green Team!)

Independent Norwex Consultants come from cities, towns and villages from all corners of the country and all backgrounds. They find their way to Norwex for a variety of reasons. A concern for the environment, an interest in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, a desire to save time and money on cleaning, or a need to earn income on a flexible schedule, may drive their decision to sign on.

The one thing we all have in common, though, is that we get so much more out of our experience than we ever expected including being part of a great community and having a lot of fun while sharing our passion for Norwex’s products and mission and creating safe havens.

If you are considering a career with Norwex, I encourage you to be inspired by the experiences shared by the consultants and leaders in the Go Green Team. You’ll find that they started out with the same concerns and questions you may have, and overcame them to build thriving businesses and change their lives.

To learn more about joining Norwex or being part of my team, contact me anytime.


Renee Martin

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Renee Martin with Debbie Bolton

My Journey

“It began about 4 years ago last November when we went on vacation with our friends and she brought a BODY CLOTH along for us to use in the kitchen.  She told me about the silver and how you can get streak free windows and that we could wipe up the counter and get 99.9% of the germs and bacteria off!!  (Yes, this was back when we were allowed to say “bacteria” and “germs”)

We used the same cloth all week and then she sent it home with me.  She also gave me another pack of 3 body cloths for my birthday!  One day the next Jan. I took one of the body cloths and wrung it out good and wiped down my big mirror in my bathroom (I didn’t even have a window cloth yet).  I was blown away when the very LITTLE water that was left behind dried to a sparkling, streak free mirror!!  I got on the phone with my daughter in South Carolina and told her what I had just experienced!  Every time I went to her house I would try to clean her 8 ft mirrors in her bathrooms and almost made them worse than they were before I had begun!  I told her we needed to find out more about this Norwex stuff!

A few days before (the Ah-Ha day) I had gotten my 6th invitation to a Norwex Presentation.  I had been able to stay away from the first 5 because I KNEW if I went, I would want EVERYTHING and I couldn’t afford ANYTHING so it was just best to stay away.  Pam was the consultant of most of the parties. She signed Wendy, who then recruited Katrina and since Katrina was doing THIS party (and just happened to be the daughter in law of our friends we’d gone on vacation with) I decided I would actually attend!

When the day finally arrived, we had a bad snow storm.  I called the hostess and said I wasn’t going to be able to come but that I would book my own party (thinking she must get something for a booking).  She put Katrina on the phone but instead of booking a party I said, “You know, I think I’ll just sign up and sell this stuff, I’m going to want it all anyway!”  Yup, I’d never been to a party, I’d only used the body cloths and I was going to SELL it!!

Katrina told me it was free to sign up if you sold $2000, (that was good because I didn’t have any money anyway) and I don’t even remember being nervous about having to sell $2000 in 90 days!  I guess there was nothing to be nervous about.  I sold over $3000 in 30 days!!  Back then we didn’t have the Fresh Start Program, so the first two months I put all my commissions back into buying things that I wanted for myself and to bring to show at my parties.  This helped me to qualify in only 30 days versus 90!

I’ll never forget going to my first team meeting and being NUMBER 1 in sales for our WHOLE TEAM!!  How could this be SO EASY?  Doing that made me want to be first EVERY month!  I LOVED those meetings because I got to go pick first from the gift table, and I ALWAYS chose the most expensive thing!  Since I started Norwex, I have kept a binder of all the free (I LOVE FREE) things I’ve won/earned.  To date I am at $12,102!!!  That’s not even counting the cruise I won my first year as well!!  (Did I mention I LOVE FREE?)  That was a double bonus.  Going to those meetings, I was encouraged and they inspired me to keep on going!  I was seeing others could do it and I could too!!

The day after I signed up, I turned around and signed my first recruit!!  It was my daughter in South Carolina.  It was so fun doing this together!  I would suggest to everyone, sign up your own friend, neighbor, partner, someone that you would Love to work with it really helps you!  I now have a team of over 100 and just promoted to Executive Sales Leader in December.  I also have 3 AWESOME Team Coordinators on my team, and it’s just so much fun watching them take their journey with Norwex as well.

It’s very exciting and rewarding to be involved with such an awesome company with such a great bunch of ladies!  I just attended my  9th conference and am looking forward to National Conference 2015 right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota!!  I feel conference is the thing that really propelled me and helped me launch my business to where I was able to go ahead and win that cruise that first year.  There is nothing like spending a weekend with those who are in the same boat as you are.  Sharing ideas and inspiring each other on.  There’s just no price you can put on that!  It pays you back over and over again in higher sales, gifts you receive at conference, getting to see the new products first, getting a special price for leaders conference, getting to order the new products at a lower price and ALL the information you receive is just amazing!  Seeing firsthand what this company is all about and their mission and integrity is heart warming!

I don’t want to leave you with the idea that this has been a cake walk for me because I had a bit of a setback my second year.  When I joined Norwex (2/11) I was currently laid off from a job with US Airways.  I had been off for 16 months and so Norwex entered my life at just the right time!  I had almost a year to get my business off the ground when I got called back to US Airways (1/12).  I needed 10 months to retire and get my life time flight benefits.  I had to go back!  I’d worked too long and too hard to give those up now, but my Norwex business took a hard hit that year and at times I wondered if I was going to be able to keep going.  What kept me going was the Consultant training calls and meetings, Tues. morning Leaders calls and attending the Leaders and National Conferences.  It’s SO important to stay connected with your team and when you feel like throwing in the towel, you get on a call or listen to a webinar and get yourself encouraged again!  There are so many resources now, facebook, our team web site, You Tube videos, the internet, meetings, conferences etc, there is no reason to fail at this business!  I am thankful that I was able to hang on (by a thread at times) until I was able to retire (11/9/2012) and go full time with Norwex again!!

These products truly have changed my life.  I call them my “Cleaning Savior” because I actually SEE results and am SO HAPPY when I clean!  I’m thrilled that Norwex has helped my family financially and has also helped me to grow as a person.

It’s just so rewarding to help others see the value of getting chemicals out of their homes and making them a “Safe Haven” for their loved ones too!

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