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If you’re the type who is always rushing to buy last minute gifts for birthdays and holidays, you can save yourself the trouble by hosting Norwex parties.

When you host a Norwex party, you’re not only helping one of our Go Green Team consultants, you’re helping yourself! Hosts put in minimal effort to get together with their friends and family over drinks and some appetizers, get treated to a presentation on the amazing effectiveness of Norwex products, but most importantly, win FREE products.

Take it from Melissa at StockPilingMoms:

“For example this past spring I hosted a Thirty One Party and earned over $300.00 in FREE product!  The best time to take advantage of hosting a party is when home based business offer DOUBLE HOSTESS AWARDS!  This is how I did so well when I hosted my party!  Not only do you have an excuse to invite friends over and have fun you are able to earn FREE product for very little effort.  I was able to use that $300 worth of FREE product for over 10 gifts for Christmas!  I always say that you need to think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving and this is prime example.”

So what are you waiting for? Contact Pam Altendorf today to become a new Norwex host.

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