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Embarking on a career with Norwex is not jumping onto a passing fad. Green cleaning is here and growing.

People are concerned about the potentially toxic chemicals found in household cleansers and their possible associations with an array of illnesses. As a result, more consumers are shopping for eco-friendly, nontoxic, hypoallergenic or even vegetable-based cleaning products.

As The Wall Street Journal reported:

“These so-called natural household and personal-care products have proliferated over the past few years as more consumers — especially parents of young children — are looking for safer products and are often willing to pay more for them. U.S. sales of beauty, household and personal care products that make natural claims have grown 35 percent since 2012, versus 4 percent growth for the broader industry, according to Bernstein Research analyst Ali Dibadj, who analyzed Nielsen data.”

Companies selling household and body-care cleansers have eagerly jumped on this growing sales trend — but there are good reasons to question their claims. Also, as The Journal reported:

“Many retailers and consumer products companies classify their products as natural if some of their ingredients were originally sourced from plant-based materials. But the top ingredients in many natural or ‘green’ consumer goods aren’t that different from mainstream products, whose ingredients often come from petroleum-based sources, according to Neal Langerman, a chemist who runs Advanced Chemical Safety Inc., a consulting firm.”

Enter Norwex — and its truthfulness.

Norwex products have no toxic chemicals and are incredibly effective. Check out this video from ABC 30 in Fresno, Calif., demonstrating the effectiveness of Norwex products. This demo is one of the most common Norwex consultants use at events.

Further, Norwex sees itself as part of  a greater mission to change the world by eliminating toxins as part of the Norwex Movement and purpose, as described by Norwex founder Bjorn Nicholaisen.

So when you join my Go Green Team, you’re not just starting a potentially lucrative business venture. You are also helping to change the world by eliminating chemicals from households, schools, businesses and beyond.

Norwex has grown dramatically in the United States in just the past few years — and so has the Green Team, which has more than 9,000 consultants making a positive difference in thousands of households.

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