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You’ll find great Norwex deals this month if you host a Norwex party with me, Executive Sales Consultant Pam Altendorf, and/or want to replenish your stock of Norwex products, which will help you clean better, faster and cheaper. Contact me to set up an event or to learn more about how to start a Norwex business of your own.

July16_Host_Specials_USWhen you host an event, here are the great Norwex deals you’ll receive in July 2016. Norwex provides generous incentives to event hosts, so consider scheduling fun parties at times when your own supply of cleaning products is dwindling. I am Green Team Leader Pam Altendorf, and I will help you devise a smart buying plan that meets your specific green cleaning needs — and saves you money — throughout the year.

Jul16_Customer_Specials_US_FinalThis month’s Norwex deals for shoppers include our Fresh Produce Wash and Reusable Produce Bags — great for the fruits and veggies of summer. Also on sale is Norwex’s Microfiber Magic! package composed of one Microfiber Variety Pack, one Envirocloth and one Window Cloth.

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