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You want THE MOP SYSTEM. It’s a Norwex best-seller because it telescopes into hard-to-reach places to thoroughly clean floors, baseboards, walls and so much more. This wet-and-dry mop system, valued at more than $100, could be yours for free if you host a Norwex party in August with me, Executive Sales Consultant Pam Altendorf. Contact me to set up an event that replenishes your stock of Norwex products and helps you clean better, faster and cheaper. I also invite you to learn more about how to start a Norwex business of your own.

Throughout August, Norwex customers and party hosts will find fall-ready savings. As much as we might hate to admit it, summer is coming to a close, and the hustle and bustle of school and extracurricular sports and other activities are going to make our already busy families even busier. So, August is a great month to prepare — and to choose chemical-free cleaning and the tools that will make tasks much easier and also save you time and money.

August-Host-Specials-US-CDNWhen you host an event in August, you could receive Norwex’s popular Mop System for free. I recently surveyed members of The Green Team to find out why they like the Mop System so much. Among their answers:

I love my mop. Love it! I have dogs and young boys, so it is something used every single day in my home. It’s hard to decide what my favorite feature is. Yes, I love how easy it is to use, how clean it gets my floors and the way it picks up ALL the dog hair — but I think the thing I love most about the mop is the same thing that makes me love all Norwex products: Because it cleans with only water, I can let my kids clean with it whenever they want and encourage good habits without having to worry about chemical exposure. — Jessica Marie

I finally have streak-free hardwood floors! It took multiple times of using the Norwex mop, but I never gave up that it was the chemical buildup causing them. We’ve saved a lot of money not having to buy those chemicals ever again.— Terri Clifford Bahan

No more waste! No more Swiffer wet and dry pads! No more chemicals or cleaning agents on the floor!” — Shannon Hayes-Lemp

One of the best things about the mop is how fast and easy it is to just grab and clean. I also love knowing my 1 year old is safe to walk or crawl on the floor, and it’s clean! — Katie Hernandez

August-2016-Customer-Specials_USNorwex customers in August will receive special deals on our kitchen cloths and towels and on our extra-large body towel and bottles of Sportzyme. Spray Sportzyme on athletic shoes, clothing and in duffle bags to remove the bacteria that cause odor.

Norwex provides generous incentives to event hosts, so consider scheduling fun parties at times when your own supply of cleaning products is dwindling. Contact me, Green Team Leader Pam Altendorf, and I will help you devise a smart buying plan that meets your specific green-cleaning needs — and saves you money — throughout the year.

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