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For the last couple of days, hundreds of independent Norwex sales consultants from across the United States have convened for a conference in my home state of Minnesota to share ideas about how to make life better.

    – Better for people wanting healthier homes and work spaces free of chemical cleaning agents.
    – Better for people wanting more effective, faster and cheaper cleaning tools.
    – Better for people who want to build their own businesses on the sales of green-cleaning products that really work and with the support of fantastic people with similar personal and professional goals.

Norwex_Conference_Ruxie_Carroll_PapineauI always walk away from these Norwex events energized, inspired — and determined to work even harder to help others develop the skills, confidence and know-how to launch their own Norwex businesses (I invite you to check out my personal story below. I shared it at a national meeting last year.).

So, let August 2016 be the month that you learn more about Norwex. Contact me to attend or host a Norwex party. Consider taking the fall season to use the products for yourself to track your cost and time savings (Check out the customer and host specials available this month.). If you’re already convinced, join the Green Team, which provides exclusive access to business-development support. If join the Green Team in August, here are just some of the things you’ll receive to get your business started.

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