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Building your own Norwex business is simple — and this month is an especially good one to give it a try because new Norwex sales consultants can join with no Starter Kit cost.

Check out this video featuring Norwex Co-Founder and Chief Global Sales Officer Debbie Bolton to learn more:

Choose your Starter Kit

A new Norwex sales consultant will have two options:

The Standard Starter Kit with Enhancement. This kit contains all you’ll need to get started — and two additional products typically not included. One of them is among my favorite Norwex products for kids.

Upgrade Package Bonus Offer. This kit, which is available only at sign-up, is specifically designed to complement your Starter Kit and make your first Norwex parties successful by allowing you to demonstrate more products. In addition to The Standard Starter Kit, this package includes each of Norwex’s top 10 products.

To compare these two special offers, here’s a handy chart.

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