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This week’s business travels took me Denver, Colorado, where I explained Norwex products and demonstrated how many of them work to a small group gathered for a morning coffee after dropping off their children at school. I’m always interested in knowing why people attend Norwex events and how they think they’ll use the products. Their stories never fail to give me ideas about how to reach new people. I like sharing what I learn about Norwex event-goers on my blog because maybe their stories are a lot like yours. Maybe Norwex is what you’re looking for, too.


The interior designer

She designs and decorates Colorado homes and often leaves her clients small thank-you gifts when she wraps up a big project. Instead of flowers, gift cards and other here-today-gone-next week tokens of her appreciation, she loves the idea of presenting clients more lasting gifts, such as Norwex’s EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Dust Mitt. Every time her clients reach for their cleaning supplies, the interior designer hopes they’ll think of her — and perhaps invite her back for new business.

The mid-career executive — and cancer survivor

A bout with breast cancer made her rethink her priorities. She is an accomplished former director of global marketing for one of the world’s largest companies, and she has chosen to look for new business opportunities that make use of her skills and allow her to build a thriving business on her terms. Given her medical history, she is also especially determined to make her home as chemical-free as possible.

The concerned mom

Her 11-year-old daughter has battled dry skin for a couple of years. While she has found clothing detergents and skin cleansers that don’t agitate her condition, this mom is eager to find even better cleaning solutions. She honed in quickly on Norwex’s top-selling Ultra-Power Plus Laundry Detergent and on Norwex’s personal-care products, including toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant.

The careful budgeter

He is a retired business executive and astute investor who appreciates the value and effectiveness of Norwex products and understands how much money and time they could save him and his wife throughout the year. He decided to become a Norwex consultant because he recognizes the ease of putting his own household on a regular purchasing plan and encouraging his friends to do the same. The Norwex Starter Kit that helps consultants kick off their businesses was especially attractive, he said.

The chemical-free maven

She has been a long-time Norwex customer who likes to introduce her friends to our products by inviting them to all of the Norwex events she attends.

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