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So many of us have family members and friends who are looking to make a mid-career change, or to build a business of their own, or to supplement their household income. I hope you’ll introduce those special people in your life to me because I am working nationally to expand the Green Team and its noble “Go Green” mission.

Norwex independent sales consultants have experienced the effectiveness of Norwex cleaning products and the satisfaction of knowing they’re removing chemicals from their homes and helping others do the same. But when deciding to join the company, many people are also looking for unique and focused business-development support and instruction in leadership skills they can apply to all areas of their lives.

Move to a ‘business-owner mentality’

That guidance and support is where the Green Team shines. And helping people move from a “product-seller mentality” to a “business-owner mentality” is my speciality. I have worked with Norwex for nearly eight years, helping thousands of people build businesses that help them reach their personal and professional goals. The most successful Norwex consultants to emerge from my Green Team are teachable. They’re also determined to learn and apply simple business concepts and practices that really do achieve desired results.

By joining Pam’s Personal Team, consultants receive:

  • Pam’s focused time and attention. When you have questions and need guidance, she knows how to help — and encourage.
  • Exclusive access to sales-support materials, instruction and business-strategy ideas available only to Green Team members.
  • Personal connection with other consultants in your area.

Throughout the month of October, I’m looking for people to sign up as one of my Personal Team Members — and I’ll also reward people who make referrals who join my team. If you know anyone anywhere in the United States who would be a great consultant, please send them my way. Either you or your contact may reach me directly through this website or at (651) 380-2296. New consultants must sign with me by Midnight CDT, Oct. 31.

Get free Norwex products

For referring someone who joins my Personal Team, you could receive up to $100 in Norwex products:

  • $25 in Norwex product: When you refer someone to me and they sign up as my Personal Team Member.
  • $50 in Norwex Product: Awarded when your referral places $250 in retail order(s) in their first 30 days.
  • $75 Norwex Product: Awarded if your referral places $400 retail order(s) in their first 15 days.
  • $100 Norwex Product: Awarded if your referral places $2,000 order(s) in their first 90 days.

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