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Last week, I headed to Hawaii, where the Green Team continues to help build a strong network of new consultants — all people who want fewer chemicals in their lives, greater protections for the environment and opportunities to have their own thriving businesses.

Joining me were Nicole Koranda, Red Jacket leader of our team in Hawaii, and California-based Executive Sales Leader Cindy Gosting, who also has a team in Hawaii. These times of team-building are important — and they really do help all of us stay connected, informed and inspired to realize our potential. Nicole, Cindy and I focused on product education and training because consultants who know how, why and when to use Norwex products are especially well equipped to reach their professional goals. (Side note: Norwex corporate did not pay for the travel Cindy and I made, so I want to send this special shout-out acknowledging Cindy’s financial commitment to our shared mission — and, by extension, to our entire Green Team. Our sales leaders’ dedication to helping team members build successful Norwex businesses is one of the chief reasons anyone wanting to become a Norwex sales consultant should join the Green Team.)

Our Norwex events energized everyone who attended. We led four meetings on three islands and a beach cleanup that was a fun and very public demonstration of our commitment to protecting the environment through the use of natural and reusable products. Each meeting attracted about 40 people — including women like Lani Larrua, a true world-changer. In just one month, she qualified (with more than $2,000 in sales) and recruited six additional, new Norwex consultants.

Like so many of us, Norwex fans in Hawaii want to reduce the use of unnecessary chemicals, plastics and their overall carbon footprint. They’re looking for more natural cleansers for body, home and car. They appreciate reusable and recyclable goods — such as Norwex’s silicon container lids. As Nicole Koranda explained to event attendees, plastic is a real problem for wildlife and fish, and just a simple container lid can cut down on the use of plastic wrap that harms animals.

What are you waiting for? Here are 10 reasons to join Norwex and three reasons to join the Green Team. Contact me with questions.

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