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Senior Executive Sales Leader Sarah Cartwright of Minnesota is an early member of my Green Team, which is specifically designed to provide Norwex Independent Sales Consultants with the support they need to build thriving businesses of their own. Sarah’s unique look at the benefits of selling Norwex is inspirational — and provides a good idea of the smart, kind and experienced entrepreneurs you can expect to find when you join the Green Team, too.


sarah_cartwrightMy journey probably started like many of yours. Go to a party; use the cloths; be amazed; book a party; share with everyone you know; and think, “Hmmmm, maybe I should sell this.” However, I was as far from looking for work as anyone I know.

I had three daughters very close together and had stayed home with them. Things were a bit of a blur when they were little because I was blessed with three children under the age of 3. Then almost six years later, we welcomed our fourth daughter. I was very excited to be home with her because I knew this would be our last child, and I wanted to cherish every little moment. We all know they grow up way too fast.

When she was six months old, I decided to host a Norwex party. Pam Altendorf was leading the event discussion, and I was sitting next to my mother — who noticed I started saying what Pam was going to say before she could say it. “Sarah, you should do this,” my mom said. “Yeah, Mom, that makes sense,” I shot back not so politely. “Me? With four children, including a 6-month-old?”

She pressed on — and so did friends, other family members and neighbors at the party that night. With their encouragement, I agreed to become a consultant. Thank God I did because a month after signing, my husband came home white as a ghost and asked me to sit down. I thought he’d lost his job, but he told me that instead of laying off people, his employer decided to cut all employees’ health insurance. I was shocked and saddened to learn it would cost us $1,600 a month for insurance. I had no idea where we could come up with that kind of money.

Many of you might be smiling right now, knowing what I didn’t know then, but in those first few days, my world went into a tailspin. I cried just thinking about having to put my children in childcare. I asked my husband to let me give Norwex sales a serious try — and the rest is history. Those insurance payments were made.

Norwex has turned into so much more than a way to pay for health insurance or any other financial need. What I didn’t realize at the time is how much I enjoyed helping other people and what a void I had in my life by not doing that. My daughters are the love of my life, but they are not going to tell me, “Mommy, you did such a great job of taking care of us today.”

I realized how hungry I was for those kudos at the first Norwex conference I attended. Pam had contacted me and told me that I should bring my husband to conference because I had earned a trip and would be recognized onstage. I told her I preferred for him to remain home so I could attend and save on childcare — but truth be told, I really didn’t think what I had done was so big of a deal that he needed to be there. Boy, was I wrong. When Norwex officials announced 32 trip winners, I crossed the stage, returned to my seat and asked Pam, “So, that was 32 people from Minnesota, right?” She flashed a huge smile. “No, Sarah, that was 32 people companywide.” I still laugh about that moment because it really was a big deal — and yes, I wish my husband had been there in person to see it.

I always try to keep that story in the forefront of my mind when talking to people because we often think financial or health reasons make selling Norwex a good fit for someone. However, I have come to realize that being part of a team on one mission and being part of something bigger can be just as fulfilling. We never know whose life we are going to impact, and for me, that is the best part of our work. I still sit in awe when I look at my business only six years later. I have climbed the Norwex Ladder to Senior Executive Sales Leader, have a team of more than 800 people, and have gone on four Norwex incentive trips.

That’s not to say my Norwex journey has always been easy. I have had my fair share of struggles and failures just like anyone else. There have been party cancellations, leaders dropping off, and I’ve had to rebuild my business at least twice. As much as all of those things are not fun, they have formed who I am as a person and as a leader.

My best piece of advice is to not compare yourself to others. There will always be someone who promotes faster, makes more money and recruits more. You can only be the best you possible, and only you know what your goals and vision are. We all have different paths, and if you work towards your goals each and every day, your business will flourish.

Norwex is a part of our family, and my girls are going to be part of the Norwex Legacy. They don’t know any other way to clean. They see their mother can be home when they get home from school — and that I can have a successful career. They proudly tell their friends what I do for work. Most importantly, they see that all of their dreams can come true with hard work and a vision.

Thank you, Norwex. My family and I would never be the same without you.

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