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Through my work with Norwex, I’ve had the good fortune to meet the most incredible people. (I’m doubly blessed because so many of them collaborate with me on a daily basis as members of my Go Green Team!)

Independent Norwex Consultants come from cities, towns and villages from all corners of the country and all backgrounds. They find their way to Norwex for a variety of reasons. A concern for the environment, an interest in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, a desire to save time and money on cleaning, or a need to earn income on a flexible schedule, may drive their decision to sign on.

The one thing we all have in common, though, is that we get so much more out of our experience than we ever expected including being part of a great community and having a lot of fun while sharing our passion for Norwex’s products and mission and creating safe havens.

If you are considering a career with Norwex, I encourage you to be inspired by the experiences shared by the consultants and leaders in the Go Green Team. You’ll find that they started out with the same concerns and questions you may have, and overcame them to build thriving businesses and change their lives.

To learn more about joining Norwex or being part of my team, contact me anytime.



My Journey

Name: Melissa Dettmer

Title within Norwex: Senior Executive Sales Leader

Where to find me online:

How long I have worked as an independent Norwex consultant: 
Since the last day of March 2015 — when I joined during a promotional “No Risk Month!”

Where I live now, and where I’m originally from: 
Flower Mound, Texas. I am originally from Austin.

How and why I started selling Norwex: 
I signed up for the discount on products only — or at least that’s what I told myself. I have four small children, whom I home-school part-time. I was running three small businesses from home and was not looking for anything else to add to my plate, but when I signed up during that No Risk Month and started using and sharing Norwex products, it became a business for me. Now, I’m all in!

What has surprised me most in my Norwex journey: 
Norwex has been a perfect fit for what I refer to as my “health and healing journey.” I was surprised at how little I had paid attention to toxins that are all around us. When I started reading labels and began educating myself, that’s when I began looking for a solution to my cleaning challenges that really worked. I had not found anything I loved until Norwex entered my life — and I was shocked at how well Norwex products performed day after day. 

Also, I’m blown away by how I can run a growing business selling non-toxic cleaning supplies from home — and in my PJs if I want. I interact with hundreds of other people daily using social media and other online tools.

The most difficult challenge I’ve faced to get to where I am within Norwex — and how I overcame it: 
My biggest challenge is finding the right harmony between my work time and my personal time. (For an idea of how I work on this, read on.)

The one piece of advice I have for a beginner consultant that I wish I’d had — or had taken more to heart: 
Think outside the box, and get outside of your own circle quickly. There are people out there who need and want what you have to offer, whether it’s the products or the business opportunity. I think of it like a treasure hunt. I have to keep searching and digging until I find those jewels! When I come across them, I know it because they really do sparkle.

How I balance selling for Norwex and time for myself, my family and my friends: 
It is a constant struggle for me to find the right harmony between life and work. Because I love what I do, and many of my customers and teammates have become such dear friends, the lines are often blurred. I have to schedule breaks, be present in the moment, not take myself too seriously, serve others, and keep an attitude of gratefulness for every experience because I know I can learn from it.

My favorite Norwex product and why:  The Body Cloth changed my life! My skin is so sensitive that since day one of shaving, I’ve had to be very, very careful what I use on my legs. Now that I shave with a good razor and just water, I don’t have the horrible skin reactions I used to have. My face is also clearer and smoother than it has ever been thanks to the Body Cloth. I make sure that I take one with me whenever I travel because it’s that big of a deal to me. I don’t have to worry about children’s skin, either. Just the body cloth and a water! That has been a game-changer.

My favorite kind of Norwex party: I love running a 101 (Intro to Norwex) Facebook Party with a group of young, active moms who have lots of questions because they truly care about what they are exposing their family to. They keep me on my toes — and I love those “A-ha!” moments.

Among my hobbies: I love going up in hot air balloons! The thrill of the ride, mixed with the serenity of leaving the busy world below, added with the chase crew’s adventure to assist the landing, leaves me smiling for months.

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