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Through my work with Norwex, I’ve had the good fortune to meet the most incredible people. (I’m doubly blessed because so many of them collaborate with me on a daily basis as members of my Go Green Team!)

Independent Norwex Consultants come from cities, towns and villages from all corners of the country and all backgrounds. They find their way to Norwex for a variety of reasons. A concern for the environment, an interest in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, a desire to save time and money on cleaning, or a need to earn income on a flexible schedule, may drive their decision to sign on.

The one thing we all have in common, though, is that we get so much more out of our experience than we ever expected including being part of a great community and having a lot of fun while sharing our passion for Norwex’s products and mission and creating safe havens.

If you are considering a career with Norwex, I encourage you to be inspired by the experiences shared by the consultants and leaders in the Go Green Team. You’ll find that they started out with the same concerns and questions you may have, and overcame them to build thriving businesses and change their lives.

To learn more about joining Norwex or being part of my team, contact me anytime.


My Journey

Name: Sarah Schumaker

Title within Norwex:  Executive Vice President Sales Leader

Where to find me online: and

How long I’ve been with the company: 5 ½ years

Where I live now, and where you’re originally from: Denver now, Chicago originally

How and why I started selling Norwex: I was invited to a party, but I didn’t attend because I wasn’t a fan of home parties. Then my friend brought over these magic cloths, and my windows and stainless had never looked better. I knew immediately that Norwex cloths were brilliant, and they needed to be in every home. I also know I am the type of person who finds something cool and has to share it with everyone — so I decided immediately to sell.

What has surprised me most in my Norwex journey: I was shocked at how quickly my team grew, and how much I love sharing the Norwex business opportunity with others. I love that I get to share the life-changing business opportunity. Everyone can be blessed by the Norwex business opportunity, to one degree or another. We just need to offer it.

The most difficult challenge I’ve faced to get to where I am within Norwex — and how I overcame it: I moved to a new area my first week in the business. I had one friend, and when I showed her the cloths and asked her to host, she chose to join my team. That was fantastic, of course, but it meant I had no bookings. I had to struggle to get bookings to get my business rolling. But, I persevered then, and I continue to persevere now to get my party calendar filled to where I need it to be.

The one piece of advice I have for a beginner consultant that I wish I’d had — or had taken more to heart: Get those bookings going, and make sure to book parties at your parties, so you have sustainable momentum. And persevere!

How I balance selling for Norwex and time for myself, my family and my friends: I love that I can fit my business into the nooks and crannies of my life. My faith and family come first, and then my business. I love that my family gets to support me and even work with me in this too.

My favorite Norwex product and why: The business opportunity, because although all our products are life-changing, the business is the most beneficial. That said, I can’t live without my Household Pack, Body Cloth and Rescue Gel.

My favorite themed party for selling: I am not much of a theme-party person, but I love to share Norwex in a co-ed setting like a trade show, or co-ed party. The men really get into it. They love the science and the fact that it really works. They make their wives buy the mop!

My favorite book and sport: I have been leading with Bible Study Fellowship for decades. It is the one “rock” in my schedule that everything else has to fit around. I am also an avid tennis player. I try to play 2-4 times a week.

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