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What is stopping you from building your own business? From taking control of your schedule so you can balance your life and work more on your terms? From dedicating yourself to work you know genuinely helps others?

Those were among the big questions I asked myself when deciding whether to become an Independent Norwex Consultant. As I have explained many times, my family and I were in an especially difficult season. I was recovering from cancer. My husband had just lost his job. We were determined to shield our five children from turmoil as much as possible. I had to do something — but I also knew that I needed more than a job with a steady paycheck. I needed to respect my professional interests and passion for helping others. I needed to work to live and not live to work.

Norwex was there. I loved the green cleaning products and couldn’t stop telling family and friends about them. I had rid my home of unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. With Norwex, I also was finding ways to waste fewer resources and embrace more sustainable living. I wasn’t really “selling” anything. I was “sharing” about it!

In the eight years since I became a Norwex consultant, I have heard thousands of people share similar desires for their work lives — and I have watched thousands of Norwex consultants become successful business professionals. So, I’m really excited this month to see Norwex offer a great deal that will help you start your your own business, too.

Norwex makes it easy for you to own your own business

Norwex provided the tools, training and other resources I needed. It provided a supportive community that answered my questions and gave me guidance. It encouraged, celebrated and rewarded my professional achievements. Today, I am at the helm of the Green Team, which is composed of thousands of consultants who are kind and knowledgeable — and incredibly supportive.

This month, Norwex is running a fantastic special to help new consultants launch their own businesses. The “Super Size Starter Kit” will provide more than $160 in free products to help you with sales — and if you join the Green Team, I will help ensure you have everything you need to reach your goals and will cheer you along the entire way.

Now is YOUR chance to join Norwex. Act by Jan. 31

Here are three reasons to join the Green Team.

Here are 10 reasons to join Norwex now.

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