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What’s not to love about this month? Norwex is making it easier than ever to grow your own successful business while supporting a mission you can be proud of — the reduction in harmful chemicals in homes and in the environment.

Before being introduced to Norwex, I had never considered direct sales as a career option, and I had no idea how to get started. So it doesn’t surprise me that one of the questions I get most often from people who have fallen in love with the products but are hesitant to sign on as consultants is: What do I need to do to make this work?

We want you to succeed, and this month, Norwex is rolling out a new business model that makes it easier than ever. By studying what hundreds of consultants with thriving businesses are doing, Norwex came up with the 4 + 2 + 2 Formula for Success.

It’s simple:

  • Host four parties in a month.
  • From each event, get two party bookings.
  • Also at each event, choose two guests with whom to have recruiting conversations.

By following this simple formula, you can build an ever-expanding list of new Norwex clients while also collecting the rewards (including lots of free Norwex products and discounts) that come with hosting and booking parties and bringing new consultants on board. This formula not only will help get you on the right path, but also will help you grow your business consistently.

Better yet, Norwex will provide you with everything you need to get the party started — for free!

On Feb. 1, Norwex introduced its Enhanced Starter Kit, which gives new consultants easy-to-follow instructions and all the tools to follow the 4 + 2 + 2 formula. Each Party Starter Kit comes with three envelopes:

Open Envelope 1 (labeled “Open Me First”) for step-by-step directions for hosting your first party. Included are an updated New Consultant Guide and Party Cards that provide a detailed party outline, script, and product descriptions.

Envelope 2 includes all of the written materials you will need for your party, from invitations and product quick guides, to order forms and information about the benefits that guests can receive from Norwex if they sign up to host their own parties.

In Envelope 3, you can find more information about Norwex and how to grow a healthy business.

Beyond the literature, the Party Starter Kit features a generous supply of some of Norwex’s most popular products, including its revolutionary microfibers, cleaning paste and mop system to demonstrate to your party guests.

Essentially, the Enhanced Party Starter Kita is a business in a box for new consultants, without associated, upfront costs (aside from a $9.99 shipping & handling fee). If you can sell $2,000 in Norwex products in the next 90 days, everything in the Party Starter Kit is yours, for free. If you choose not to sell, you can keep the awesome collection of Norwex products and be charged $200 for the kit, which is slightly less than its value.


That’s not all! If you sign up in February to become a Norwex consultant and can sell $250 worth of products during the month, you will win a $75 shopping spree from Norwex. Even if you can’t host a party right away, it is fairly easy to earn your bonus simply by introducing friends and family to Norwex.

If you have been considering signing on as a Norwex consultant, join us in February to get the party started and take advantage of the fabulous tools and rewards that Norwex is offering to new consultants. I invite you to learn more about The Green Team, one of the world’s most successful Norwex sales teams because it provides so much encouragement, insight and business support. Nearly 93 percent of new consultants who join the Green Team earn their starter kit for free.

And don’t forget: I am always here to help you along the way. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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