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Sure, Earth Day 2017 is April 22, but those of us who are committed to ridding of our homes of potentially toxic chemicals and reducing our impact on the environment are celebrating all month long with Norwex’s help.

Check out April’s great customer specials — which include the top-selling Pitch the Plastic Pack. When you purchase one of these packs, you’ll receive an EnviroCloth for free. That’s a retail value of $16.99 for our top-selling microfiber cloth that will help you clean your home using only water.


It’s stunning how much plastic we use without regard for its impact on our health and environment. I have written about my own reasons for “pitching plastic” whenever I can — and I invite you to learn more:

  • Read this for what you need to know about phthalates — which are commonly found in plastic and should be avoided.
  • Read this for ideas about small and easy changes you could make to promote a healthy environment at home and work.
  • Read this to learn more about how you could help your children develop great habits by equipping them with reusable, nontoxic, green-cleaning Norwex products.
  • Read this to see how members of my Go Green Team in Hawaii promoted environmental health and wellness for our beaches.

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