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One of the great things about working with Norwex is that everyone wants you to succeed. I can’t even begin to count the many ways the Norwex community has helped me to grow my business over the years. I truly believe anyone who takes advantage of the amazing support available can change their lives with Norwex.

So, when people ask me if going to Norwex’s annual conference is worth it, my answer is YES, YES, YES! Whether you are new to Norwex, or an old hand, it is probably the best investment you will ever make in your business — and in yourself.

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Don’t miss the 2017 Norwex National Conference. Join us August 4-6 in Minneapolis, Minnesota — and take your business to the next level! Early bird discount tickets are available through April 30.

This conference motivates and inspires. There is no better place to learn everything you need to know about Norwex and its mission. It is also where you will build the relationships at the heart of what makes working with this company so special.

Recently, members from my Go Green Team shared their top takeaways from conference. I loved hearing how excited they all are about their experiences:

“At my first National Conference I was a Sales Consultant and had been with Norwex for 10 months,” wrote Executive Sales Leader Samantha Rose. “I didn’t see myself as anything but doing what I could to keep my discount. I honestly went to National Conference because I wanted to get away from my house for a few days, let go of ‘mommy responsibilities,’ and maybe learn just a little about Norwex in the process.

At conference I had the AMAZING opportunity to sit next to one of our team leaders. In our chatting, she asked me what I thought about my business. I confessed that I’d love to become a sales leader, but that could never happen for me. She asked me a question that struck me, and I continue to ask myself constantly:

‘Are you comfortable in your business? Are you comfortable doing what you are doing right now?’ She then told me to get uncomfortable; that great and AMAZING things happen when we get uncomfortable with our business.

I came home and promoted to team consultant that August. I’m now an executive sales leader. I have changed my mindset and actually refer to my business as a business.

My best advice to new consultants is: Get uncomfortable. Come to Conference. Change your business and change your life!”

Samantha could NOT have said it better! It’s a story we hear over and over again: New consultants come to conference thinking small. They leave thinking big.

Jade Spencer attended the annual conference for the first time a couple of years ago: “My favorite part of it was hearing from top leaders in the company during the workshops. You get so many PRACTICAL ideas to improve your business. Afterward, I had the busiest fall season with parties and the highest sales at those parties that I’d ever had. I don’t think that was just a coincidence!”

Training sessions and workshops provide tons of tips and tricks to take home and I can say from personal experience that no matter how many times you’ve been, you WILL learn something new to grow your business. You’ll also be the first to get a glimpse of Norwex’s newest products and get some of the best discounts of the year.

For me, though, conference is about the people. It is one of the few times, consultants have the opportunity to meet their company role models, team members and Facebook friends in person. We share our stories, experiences and struggles — and we have a lot of fun!

“Conferences are where I see that Norwex is a REAL company,” wrote Maria Venturini. “The names and faces I see on my screen come to life. I connect with people who are now life-long friends. They inspire me and make me laugh!”

If you just started your business, you will see so many people just like you who have had incredible success and can help you realize what your future can be.

Thanks to Lisa Gustafson Oddo for summing it up best: “Attending conference is AMAZING for many reasons: Want to catch a larger vision of why Norwex? Conference is the best way to do this. There are great speakers… personal testimonies… training sessions… You will see how much you relate to top leaders in the company. You’ll hear how lives have been transformed. PLUS, you’ll be blessed with so many ideas that you can implement in your own business! WANT TO GROW? GO TO CONFERENCE!!!!”

Don’t miss out on your early bird discount. Buy your tickets by April 31 and I’ll look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis this August! If you have any questions, please get in touch.


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