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Spring is finally here! I’m getting ready for growing season and I can’t wait for all the fruits and vegetables we’ll be eating over the next months. One of the chores that I’ve never been all that thrilled about, though, is the time-consuming task of cleaning the dirt and debris off my fresh produce. Having farmed all my life, I know that many growers use treatments aimed at protecting their product from pests and fungal attacks and decay during transportation — stuff that I really don’t want my family to ingest. Unless you thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies, there’s bound to be some remaining chemical residue.

That’s why discovering Norwex’s Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth has been a life changer. Now, I use the scrub cloth with just water and I’m confident we are all eating really clean fruits and vegetables. The cloth is uniquely practical in that it has a rough side for scrubbing and a smooth side for polishing. It’s great for lunch bags, to take to the office, to keep in the kitchen and to take on picnics or to go apple picking for on-the-spot cleaning.

I’m not the only one who LOVES this handy little cloth. Members from my team have declared it their go-to Norwex product for helping to make healthy eating a breeze! Here are just some of the ways Go Green Team members say the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth will make your life easier:

No more worry
— “It’s so hard to hear about all of these pesticides and poisons on our fruits and veggies while we try to keep our kids safe and healthy,” says Rebekah Michal Kinnard. “I love my Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth because it makes me feel like I am actually giving my kids healthy food when I can see and feel the difference on my produce after I clean it — especially when it comes to scrubbing the waxy film off of my apples and cucumbers.”

Save tons of time — Go Green team members have shared so many great before-and-after photos from customers who are amazed by just how much dirt a quick scrub can take off.

carrotsPack away the peelerBrandi Dodson tells us that she especially likes using the cloth for scrubbing potatoes. “It removes every last trace of dirt, and all but the thinnest trace of peel…I don’t even bother with peeling them anymore!”

“Carrots are also a breeze,” reports Tiffany Clause Perkins. “I haven’t pulled out the potato peeler in months for a carrot. I just rinse scrub and chop or chow down!”

Try the cloth for getting the nasty silk strings off your corn-on-the-cob, taking the fuzz off of your peaches and kiwis, or cleaning dirt off farm-fresh eggs as well.

Say good-bye to the mess — “I love using this cloth for all my gardening cleaning,” says Deannah Berglund Muha. “It’s been so much easier to clean off the dirt from the items prior to bringing them into my kitchen sink and sending the dirt down the drain. We simply fill a bucket with water outside dunk the item in the water and wipe it down. Super easy!”

Let the kids take over — “What I love most about the cloth is that my children can use it easily to clean their fruit before eating it — all by themselves,” says Cathrine Danielson. Also, consider that once you pack away the peeler, prepping fruits & veggies can become a safe chore for your kids to take on.

Protect your delicates — The smooth side of the cloth is perfect for cleaning strawberries, mushrooms, raspberries and other, softer produce.

As you get ready for prime fruit and veggie season, don’t forget to order your Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth. (By the way, it also makes a fantastic skin exfoliator and tool for getting rid of dry skin on your feet — something to keep in mind for bathing suit and sandals weather!)


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