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No matter what he enjoys — whether it’s backyard barbecuing, playing sports, polishing the car, computer programming, exploring the great outdoors or just having the best cleaning tool handy when he needs it — you’ll find the right gift for your dad when you shop with Norwex this month.

This online gift guide will get you started — but please contact me if you’re looking for more ideas.


Gifts under $25

Camouflage Optic Scarf – Give your dad a scratch-proof and chemical-free way to clean his glasses, cell phone and computer screens, jewelry and other accessories on the go.

Back Scrubber – Great for neck, shoulders and feet, too.

Natural Deodorant StickDeodorant Stick – It uses a blend of essential oils and natural sweat-controlling ingredients to help safely and effectively combat odor-causing bacteria. This is a powerful alternative to traditional antiperspirants that may contain triclosan, fragrances or other harmful chemicals.

Lint Mitt – Sticky lint rollers be gone! This handy mitt quickly and effectively removes lint, dust and pet hair from your clothing and other textiles.

Slim Freshener Set – Help your dad freshen and purify the air he breathes naturally. Add lasting freshness to his home with easy-to-use Air Freshener Bags. With the ability to replace the inner Freshener Bags, it’s easy and economical to keep the air in the home fresh, clean and free of chemicals.

Gifts under $40

Sportzyme – Enzyme-based Sportzyme eliminates organic odor from shoes, equipment bags, shoulder pads, knee pads, skates, cleats, helmets and more. I have written about Sportzyme here, too.

Sport Towel – This highly absorbent, suede, microfiber towel comes in its own pouch for easy carrying. It’s great for camping, too.

Car Cloth – Car Cloth gets dad’s car sparkling clean with only water.

Leather Shine – Made with pure Bee and Carnauba Wax, Leather Shine naturally cleans, restores and beautifies leather without man-made waxes or harmful chemicals.

3-in-1 Car Mitt – It’s like a Window Cloth in a 3-layered mitt! Quickly and gently whisk away dust and dirt from car windows, mirrors, consoles and more without scratching your car’s surfaces. Flip the mitt’s cleverly designed outer and middle layers to reveal fresh microfiber, allowing you to multiply your cleaning power, give surfaces a streak-free shine and finish big jobs faster. Check out how the 3-in-1 Mitt works:

Gifts Sets

The Foodie Set
ScrubCloth The Food So Fresh! package — available this month only for $34.97 — is composed of one Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth and one bottle of Fresh Produce Wash. See why so many people love the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth here.

The Spa Set
Bath Towel – Lightweight, soft and supple, our Bath and Body Towels are made from super-absorbent Norwex Microfiber containing the self-purifying properties of our BacLock™* agent. Plus, they dry quickly so they are always ready when you are.

Body PackBody Pack – They pamper face and body.

Shower Gel – Dad deserves a shower gel free of potentially harmful chemicals.

The Barbecue Set
Oven & Grill Cleaner – Make it easier for Dad to clean those grimy, greasy oven and grill grates — and without exposure to toxic chemicals.

SpirinettsSpirinett – Extremely durable and long-lasting scrubbers are ideal for the really tough jobs.

Magnetic Envirocloth – What could make the Norwex EnviroCloth even better? How about a built-in magnet so Dad can hang it where he needs it — including on his grill, tool box or locker.

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