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PamFieldTripSome moms choose to work outside the home. Some moms choose to work in the home. I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to choose both. As a Norwex consultant, I’ve built a thriving business, but I’ve also been able to structure a work schedule that allows me to take the time to focus on the ones I love.

I recently chaperoned my son’s field trip to the Minnesota State Capitol. This is our last child in elementary school. So, throughout the day I had a lot of fun thinking back to all the field trips that I have been on with my five kids. As I reminisced, I was so grateful that I’ve had the flexibility to be part of these experiences.

Wanting to be there when our kids come home from school or having the option to attend field trips, sports events or performances, is what drives many of us to consider a career in direct sales. Norwex actively supports a healthy work-life balance, providing tools to make the most of the hours that we choose to work. This is something that company founder Debbie Bolton often talks about, having started this work when her three sons were small. It is also something that company leadership considers as it plans for the future. In February, for example, Norwex rolled out a new business model that gives a road map for success that we can adjust according to our personal preferences. By studying what hundreds of consultants with thriving businesses are doing, Norwex came up with the 4 + 2 + 2 Formula for Success. The formula suggests that consultants host four parties in a month, get two bookings for parties at each event, and chose two guests at each party to have recruiting conversations with. To me, that seems like an entirely doable schedule, even if you have a busy family life!

As a member of my Green Team, you don’t have a direct boss to report to with deadlines and regular, mandatory meetings. You are an entrepreneur, and you get to decide when you clock in, when you clock out and how to structure your business. Many team members, are very mindful of protecting the boundaries between work and family life. They limit office hours to school hours or attend Norwex parties and other events no more than two or three evenings a week. It’s completely in their control.

While a flexible work schedule initially brings a lot of people to Norwex, the rewards of creating safe havens and being part of the Norwex community is what keeps them here. My good friend and team member Sarah Cartwright says it best:

“Norwex is a part of our family, and my girls are going to be part of the Norwex legacy,” explains Sarah. “They don’t know any other way to clean. They see their mother can be home when they get home from school — and that I can have a successful career.”

Sarah is just one of the thousands of Green Team members who prove every day that in this line of work you really can have it all….

Please get in touch with me if you want to learn more about Norwex or joining my team.

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