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Minneapolis, MN - Attendees and speakers during the Opening Session at the Norwex USA National Confernce here today, Thursday August 7, 2014. The was being held at the Minneapolis Convention center. Photo by © Norwex/Todd Buchanan 2014 Technical Questions:

Rachel (center) on stage at National Conference to receive her Red Jacket from Norwex CEO Kristi Hubbard and Founder Debbie Bolton.


Through my work with Norwex, I’ve had the good fortune to meet the most incredible people. (I’m doubly blessed because so many of them collaborate with me on a daily basis as members of my Go Green Team!)

Independent Norwex Consultants come from cities, towns and villages from all corners of the country and all backgrounds. They find their way to Norwex for a variety of reasons. A concern for the environment, an interest in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, a desire to save time and money on cleaning, or a need to earn income on a flexible schedule, may drive their decision to sign on.

The one thing we all have in common, though, is that we get so much more out of our experience than we ever expected including being part of a great community and having a lot of fun while sharing our passion for Norwex’s products and mission and creating safe havens.

If you are considering a career with Norwex, I encourage you to be inspired by the experiences shared by the consultants and leaders in the Go Green Team. You’ll find that they started out with the same concerns and questions you may have, and overcame them to build thriving businesses and change their lives.

To learn more about joining Norwex or being part of my team, contact me anytime.


My Journey


Name: Rachel Augustine

Title within Norwex: Senior Executive Sales Leader

Where to find me online:

How long I’ve been with the company: 5 ½ years

Where I live now, and where I’m originally from: I live in Mebane, NC now and I started with Norwex while living in Bailey, CO. After Bailey, we moved to Chino Hills, CA. I am originally from New Jersey.

How I started selling Norwex: I was introduced to Norwex by a client with the cleaning service that I owned when we lived in Colorado. She wanted my cleaning crew to start using Norwex products in her home. After insisting that you can’t clean with just water and telling her that I would have to charge her more because it was going to take forever for my crew to clean her house, I tried the products myself. Of course, I fell in love instantly. In 2012, my husband took a job in Southern California. I knew that I did not want to start another cleaning service once we moved. So, I began looking into different direct sales companies because I liked the flexibility the industry offered. After considering companies selling jewelry, cosmetics, financial products and more, I chose Norwex for several reasons: I love the products. They work better than anything I had used either from the stores or commercial products that I bought as a cleaning business owner. The 35 percent commission, right from the start, was better than most direct sales companies I had researched and the per customer sales were higher. Finally, the company’s mission and ethics really spoke to me. I am very proud to work with a company where “Saving the World” is our mission and integrity, trust and respect are our core values!

What I have found most surprising during my Norwex journey: My team! This is a group of amazing people who are on the same mission as me!

What has been the most difficult challenge? It takes a lot of hard work to become a Senior Executive Sales Leader and to consistently reach the number of sales needed to stay at this level. When I stop adding to my personal sales regularly I stop hitting my Red Jacket personal numbers. It helps me to always keep in mind that there are a lot of people coming together to make up a Red Jacket team. It really is a team effort and keeping my personal numbers is my part.

Advice that I wish I had had, or had taken more to heart, as a beginner consultant: Talk to people about the business opportunity that Norwex offers right from the start. Don’t just focus on selling the products. People are going to be naturally drawn to your business and you have the gift to help others to “Save the World,” support their families and grow personally by letting them know that they can be part of Norwex too.

How do I balance selling Norwex and spending time with family and friends? Very carefully! My family always comes first. I am able to fit my Norwex business into my Monday through Friday schedule (not all-day, every day) as well as 4-5 evenings and a weekend per month. I fill in my personal commitments first on my calendar, then plan my parties around them.

My favorite Norwex product: If I were stranded on a deserted island and could have one Norwex product, it would be the EnviroCloth. It does soo much!

My favorite themed party: I have only done the “Flip Flop Frenzy” and it was fun. I am going to try the “Sandals and Sangria” this summer! Oh, and I did “My Favorite Things” last November and December and that was great as well.

How I spend my free time: I love to read and garden. My reward for making my phone calls or getting my tasks done is to go out and play in the dirt and then read a book!


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