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If you’ve tried Norwex, loved it, but have been hesitant about taking the next step and becoming a Norwex consultant, now’s the time! For the next two weeks, through the end of June, you can join Norwex for free. That means no sales requirement whatsoever! (See below for details)

There are so many great reasons to join Norwex:

  • It’s a flexible and family-friendly income-earning opportunity.
  • You will become part of a movement to radically reduce chemicals in the environment and make people’s homes safe havens.
  • And, you will LOVE our awesome community of consultants. I can’t say enough about how supportive the members of my Go Green Team are, and how much fun we have together! We all want our consultants to succeed!

So, help us celebrate Norwex’s 23rd birthday by signing up this month and we’ll send you two of Norwex’s top-selling microfiber cloths and all the materials you need to get your business off the ground. This is a win-win opportunity that will allow you to test-out starting your own business without risk!

But there’s more! Scroll down to see our special Birthday Bonus offer if you sign up this month. Great prices for great products!

If you want to learn more about my Green Team and for help getting started with Norwex, just drop me a line.

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Check out this awesome bonus offer!




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