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“Ask Pam” is a re-occuring series allowing me to introduce myself to the general public as Norwex Senior Vice President Sales Leader and the proud leader of the national Go Green Team.

I started my Norwex journey from scratch, not sure what I was doing. Admittedly, I learned many things hard way — but the good news is that because I did, you don’t have to. Through this Q & A series, I hope you’ll feel free to ask me questions (contact me with your questions here) about how to build a strong business and strong work teams — regardless of whether your business is within Norwex. Among my passions is helping people build thriving businesses of their own.

This week, I’m tackling the question …

What has surprised you most in your Norwex journey?

The thing that has surprised me most in my Norwex journey is by far the size of my team. I never could have imagined that I would one day reach the top leadership level and become a Senior Vice President Sales Leader. I remember early on in my career driving to a Norwex party. I was talking to my sister and telling her that I couldn’t believe I had more than 25 people on my team. Fast forward seven years, and I am now telling people my team consists of more than 11,000 people. That completely blows my mind, and I hope it shows everyone what can happen with doing this business long-term and with consistency!

It is the “with consistency” that is key. In future weeks, I’ll tackle questions about how to develop systems that make sales more timely and meaningful for clients. These systems require regular communication — in person, by phone, by email and through social media. They require discipline — but thank goodness it’s really not hard to stick to plans when they’re solid and delivering returns on your investments. These systems also require your flexibility and creativity — and that’s where I have found business to be a lot of fun. With good management systems in place, I have much greater ability to make continual improvements and to take some reasonable risks to grow my business through sales and team building.

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