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Norwex’s July customer specials will do a body good!

It’s a fantastic feeling to dry off with Norwex’s soft, super absorbent and luxuriously sized bath towel. Follow the instructions for laundering and care, and yours will always smell fresh when you reach for it because of the self-purifying properties of Norwex’s BacLock™* agent — which is explained in the video below.

Other things I love about these towels:

– They fold super compactly, taking up less space in my linen closets than fluffy cotton towels.
– They’re always soft, even with age.
– They save me time and money because I don’t need to wash them as frequently as other towels.

Norwex bath linens perfectly complement our skincare products — which I recently wrote about after researching some of the potentially toxic chemicals commonly found in body care products. This month, Norwex is following up with a deal on its Foaming Peppermint Hand Wash.


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