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As we approach the dog days of summer, I really value being able to feel fresh and clean. So, a reliable deodorant is key! At the same time, I want to be confident that what I’m using isn’t putting my health at risk.

After undergoing cancer treatment nine years ago, concern about exposing myself and my family to chemicals that could be harmful to our health initially drove me to Norwex. The all-natural Norwex Crystal Deodorant was one of the first products I switched to.

I didn’t know so much about the science at the time, but my underarms were especially sensitive, and I didn’t want to continue covering them with chemicals. I have since learned that toxicologists are particularly concerned about the underarm area and the potential impact of certain ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants because of how they react with the fat cells and hormone receptors prevalent in this region of the body.

Studies have linked ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants to developmental and reproductive issues — and to cancer. While the FDA, National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society, say no conclusive evidence exists that deodorants and antiperspirants are harmful to your health or cause cancer, they agree further research is needed when it comes to a number of compounds often found in these products.

These include:

  • Parabens which are preservatives found in many personal care products and some studies have linked to changes in the production of estrogen and other hormones in the body.
  • Aluminum, a metal typically found in antiperspirants, has raised concerns among some scientists studying a potential link to breast cancer.
  • Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that animal studies have linked to unusual hormone activity.
  • Phthalates are often present in products with fragrance and are also linked to hormonal development. Studies have shown that some phthalates could impair reproductive ability in men and impact fetal development in pregnant women. I have written about phthalates extensively here.

Norwex offers natural deodorant

Again, much of this research is still in the early stages, but if these findings worry you (as they did me), Norwex offers two chemical-free alternatives: The Crystal Deodorant and the Natural Deodorant Stick.

Keep in mind, making the switch to natural deodorant can take some getting used to. Natural deodorant allows you to perspire naturally, which can be uncomfortable at first. Try to remember that to sweat is healthy. You are releasing toxins from your body. The sweat itself doesn’t cause odor. It’s the bacteria in the sweat that makes you smelly. Natural deodorant works to reduce the bacteria that causes body odor.

Often you need to give natural deodorant time to begin working properly (perhaps as much as two to four weeks). Your body has been so used to NOT sweating that at first you may feel wet. Or, you will find that your body is detoxing and you’ll feel stinky. But I assure you, nine times out of 10 — if you can just be patient — your body DOES adjust and then you don’t have the wetness and odors you may experience right at the beginning. Once you are used to it, I promise, you will never go back to chemical-laden deodorants.

Norwex’s Crystal Deodorant is formulated with crystalized natural mineral salts and ammonium alum. It contains no harmful chemicals, oils, perfumes or emulsifiers. Simply wet the stone, and rub it over your underarm area. The formula does not absorb into skin so it cannot clog pores, and it is scent-free.

deostickFor those who aren’t ready to make the change to the Crystal, we also offer a more traditional Deodorant Stick — but without the chemicals. The Natural Deodorant Stick uses a blend of essential oils and natural sweat-controlling ingredients to help safely and effectively combat odor-causing bacteria. Formulated with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Sage, it helps soothe skin and keeps you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. This deodorant is specially formulated to provide a cleaner, more even spread on underarm skin, and it’s strong enough to stand up to even the most active lifestyles.

I would recommend either as a way to avoid potentially harmful ingredients in traditional products. It comes down to personal preference. One thing I do know is that a number of my Green Team members swear by using both: Crystal first, and then a quick swipe with the Deodorant Stick for its sweat-controlling ingredients and lovely, fresh scent.


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