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Minnesota State Fair Show Pig

Speaking of summer dirt: Two of the five Altendorf kiddos took home purple ribbons from the 2017 Minnesota State Fair’s 4-H Livestock Show in August — and you can bet they cleaned up with Norwex afterwards!

I can’t believe September is almost here! Although I love summer, I appreciate getting back into my fall routine. Living in the country, my house can get pretty grubby over the summer months. The kids are running in and out all day bringing in all the dirt from the great outdoors in addition to soggy towels, dusty flip flops and sweaty clothes. This time of year, once they are back in school, the first thing I usually do is give my home a thorough cleaning.

Lucky for us, September is a month for great savings on some of Norwex’s most powerful and versatile cleaning supplies!

Check out the Power Pack special. It’s an awesome investment. Between the EnviroCloths and the Window Cloth, you can pretty much get your entire house clean. I especially love the Magnetic EnviroCloth. It’s always within reach. I hang it on my fridge and other metal surfaces throughout the house, grab it for quick cleanups and encourage my children to do so as well — something that is a lot easier when the cloth is hanging right in front of them.

For bathrooms, nothing is more efficient than Blue Diamond. A tiny amount of this all-in-one cleaner gets showers, sinks, bathtubs and toilets sparkling.  And, I don’t have to clean as often! (Just keep in mind it is not recommended for natural stone.) The Norwex Ergonomic Toilet brush is made of a durable rubber. Unlike nylon toilet brushes, that accumulate bacteria, it rinses completely clean with just water. It lasts much longer and its unique design allows you to scrub right under the rim.

Take advantage of these great savings in September. If you have not tried our products yet, contact me to find out more about these awesome specials. If you, already are a Norwex fan, don’t miss this opportunity to grab your limited-edition eggplant Kitchen Towels and Cloths at a great price. They are so PRETTY!




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