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My favorite Norwex products are the ones that cut down on the time I spend with household chores. Near the top of my list is the Norwex Descaler. This product is AMAZING for cleaning away hard water stains and soap scum in the kitchen and bathroom.

My personal tip is: Apply the Descaler to a DRY surface (not wet), leave it on for 7 to 10 minutes, scrub with the Bathroom Scrub Mitt, the Spirisponge, or, on some surfaces,* the Spirinett and then just rinse off the build-up.

There are so many bathroom cleaning products out there that claim to do the same thing, but what sets the Descaler apart is that it is just as powerful, without the toxic chemicals and noxious fumes. Common cleaners often contain toxic surfactants and dangerous chemical acids. Made with natural glucuronic acid, orange peel extract and sodium gluconate, the Descaler is an eco-friendly alternative that gets the job done.

Some of my Go Green Team members recently shared why they love this product not only with words, but also with pictures.

Time Savings

Mitze McCurry, says she is thrilled by how much much easier her bathroom routine has gotten since she discovered the Descaler:

“About once a month, I get up in the morning, push the button on my coffee maker, spray my shower with the Descaler, feed the dogs, pour a cup of coffee, wipe down my shower with my EnviroCloth, and have a sparkling clean shower before I even get ready for work — so fast and easy! Best product I have ever used to keep my shower and shower glass clean.”

“It took 12 years of build-up off my shower in less than 30 minutes,” Ryan Dixon says about her experience with the Descaler. “Before it would take over an hour to scrub my shower. I thought that I was getting it clean, but after seeing the results with Descaler, I realized that strong chemicals really did nothing.”

Powerful Clean

Renee Martin says she LOVES the Descaler “because it can make ugly, old and ready-to-be- thrown-out stuff look like new. Tubs, sinks, toilets, shower doors, hard water stains on cars and windows, you name it and Descaler will fix it!”

To illustrate Renee’s point, Amy Stickney Culver sent along this photo of an ancient faucet she cleaned with the Descaler in just a few minutes.

Rachel Smith’s customer sent her this before and
after photo of her kitchen water dispenser. “This
was years of lime and hard water build-up,” Rachel says. “My customer had tried all sorts of chemical cleaners to no avail. The descaler took care of it, no problem!”

Go Green team members agree that the Descaler is not only amazingly efficient indoors but is also great for some challenging outdoor chores, including getting rid of water stains on windows and outdoor furniture.

I’m amazed by the photo Margaret Wilson shared of the job it did on her outside water fountain pump in only 45 minutes!


*Descaler is not recommended for natural stone surfaces.

To learn more about the Descaler and other Norwex products that can save you time and money, please get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


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