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The other day, I saw a news report about a direct sales company that former consultants say broke its promises to them, and left them high and dry, and in debt. It’s upsetting to hear these kinds of stories because it’s just not fair when good people put their trust in a company and end up losing money. I hope that negative stories like this don’t scare people away from the direct sales industry in general, especially when I know that Norwex is SO different!

From personal experience, I can say that direct sales, with a reputable company, can be the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to earn extra income, but needs a flexible schedule. Becoming an independent Norwex consultant has changed my family’s life for the better, and  I’m pretty sure the thousands of other small business owners who work for this company will say the same.

So when I talk to people who feel hesitant about signing on as a Norwex consultant, I always keep my “Why Norwex?” Top 10 list fresh in my mind.

Why Norwex?

1.Join Norwex for FREE, any time. During the last two weeks in September you can join Norwex for free and get the supplies you need to start your business for just the cost of shipping. This special promotion is an AMAZING risk-free business opportunity. But even without this promotion, you are always able to join Norwex for free and receive your Norwex Party Starter Kit for just the the cost of shipping. If you sell, $2,000 worth of Norwex products within three months, your starter kit is free. If not, you can purchase the kit for $200 plus tax, which is slightly less than its value. Keep in mind, more than 90 percent of Norwex consultant earn their free starter kit.

2.There are NO large fees involved in starting your business and you DON’T have to make a major cash investment for your business to succeed.

3.You DO NOT need to carry inventory. Your customer orders come directly from Norwex.

4.Consultants can start making money from Day 1! Make a list of family, friends and acquaintances who could be interested in green cleaning, or quality cleaning products and you will be amazed at how easy it is to share Norwex.

5.Norwex products are consumable. That means, you will have repeat customers who LOVE the quality of Norwex and the benefits of having healthier homes, while saving time and money.

6.Norwex absorbs credit card fees and pays for all hostess gifts. In other words, we (the consultants) are able to keep more of the money from parties and events.

7.Norwex offers one of the best hostess programs in direct sales. Our hostesses earn tons of free products. This makes it so much easier for Norwex consultants to book parties and keep their calendars full.

8.Our commission is 35 percent — That’s one of the most generous commission rates in the direct sales industry. Plus, the consultant incentives are AMAZING. Free products, shopping sprees, and vacations are bonuses on top of your earnings.

9.Norwex is a company that is mission driven. Norwex is committed to creating safe havens and truly embraces its core values of integrity, trust and respect. As a consultant, I can trust that I am appreciated and that my hard work is recognized and rewarded.

10.Every consultant has the potential to earn a income with Norwex — It’s your choice how much. Norwex has developed a business plan and provides the tools to fully support its consultants. From the moment you join, you will have so many professional development and training resources at your fingertips. With Norwex’s help, anyone can grow a successful business with NO major initial expenditures and NO debt. It’s up to you to decide how much time and energy you want to expend and what kind of business you want to structure.

Don’t miss out on the amazing business opportunity that is Norwex. The potential is incredible and the risk is minimal. Plus, it’s fun. You’ll be joining a fantastic community of consultants and team members who will support you every step of the way and become great friends, too!

If you want to learn more about what it is like to be an independent consultant with Norwex, just drop me a line.


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