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So, you think your house is clean? Are you sure? What about all those surfaces you can’t see, like the corners and tiny spaces throughout your home or the areas on top of or underneath cabinets or the refrigerator? You’d be surprised just how much dust and grime can build up in these hidden and frequently neglected spots.

Don’t fret. I have the perfect solution. The Norwex EnviroWand, is a flexible wand that can clean hard-to-reach places without the use of chemicals. Just slip on the dual-sided sleeve, which is made from nubby chenille Norwex Microfiber on one side and regular Norwex Microfiber on the other, bend the wand to suit your need and you’re ready. I use it all the time for dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, cleaning under appliances and furniture, reaching inside vents and tiny corners, and much more.

You can use the EnviroWand wet or dry. To wash it, simply straighten the wand and remove the sleeve. Best of all, the EnviroWand fits onto the end of our Telescopic Mop Handle to clean high window ledges, entertainment centers, ceiling corners and other out-of-reach locations. Because the microfiber not only picks up dust, dirt and grime, but also traps it, the yucky stuff doesn’t end up falling on to your face as you clean the areas above you.

EnviroWand Love

I recently asked members of my Go Green Team why they love the EnviroWand. Here’s what they had to say:

357051_envirowand_behindrefridgeIt’s a great money-saver — Your EnviroWand is durable and long-lasting and the sleeve can be washed over and over. There’s no more need for disposable dust pads or paper towels!

“I love my EnviroWand for cleaning my high ceilings and ceiling fans,” says Jenny Mallehan. “Before, I was using other tools that were much smaller, and not bendable. They were also disposable.”

It makes dusting fast and easy — “I love my EnviroWand for so many reasons,” says Samantha Simon. “One, I’m short, so it makes cleaning the tops of bookshelves or window moulding a breeze. It easily picks up dust everywhere. It’s shape and flexibility make it a great tool for cleaning between tight spaces. I dust more often now because it’s so much easier than it was when I was using other tools.”

The wand is incredibly versatile — “With just a couple of swipes, the EnviroWand makes it so easy to clean the lint trap in my dryer,” reports Jen McKay.

“I love to attach it to the Telescopic Mop Handle,” says Tammy Sankey. “That has allowed me to clean my church — where there are, indeed, some very high, holy areas.”

Samantha Rose had to get a second EnviroWand because her husband also fell in love with it: “When I first started my job as an independent Norwex consultant, I ‘lost’ mine,” she explains. “My husband had taken the one from our home to his auto body shop. He loved how easily it bends and flexes to get in all the nooks and crannies of the vehicles he works on. So, he refused to bring it back, and I had to buy another.”

“The EnviroWand is awesome for dusting any rough surface that might snag an EnviroCloth,” says Sarah Miller. “It works amazingly well on my rough, wood wall and brick fireplace in my home.”

It helps to create safe havens — Not to be overly dramatic or overstate things, but I honestly feel that the EnviroWand (and Norwex’s Dusting Mitt) are saving my life,” reports Alexandria Perone. “They have drastically improved the air quality in my house — and that is a big deal for allergic asthmatics like me. The EnviroWand is especially helpful because it actually fits between the slats in my radiators. I’m finally able to clean my radiators really well before I turn my heat on, something that has made a huge difference for my health!”

October Special

Lucky for you, we have an EnviroWand customer special this month. Purchase an EnviroWand for $31.99 and you’ll receive a replacement sleeve (valued at $12.99) for free.  Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this great offer!

Please contact me for more information about the EnviroWand or other Norwex products.


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