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It has been an incredible fall so far. I’ve had the good fortune of welcoming more than 500 new consultants to my Go Green Team who want to share the benefits of Norwex with others and help create safe havens all over the country. I’ve also been traveling for meetings and vendor events and introducing people to Norwex almost every week. During family time, we’ve been busy with college and school events, sports and our farm. Best of all, this weekend we left for Bolivia, where we are  visiting my sister and her family for 10 days. As you can see, I have A LOT to be grateful for!

My only disappointment over the last couple of months is that I haven’t spent as much time as I like using the new products that Norwex rolled out in late August. Fortunately, members of my team have. Recently, I surveyed them to see what their favorites are and why.

Go Green Team Favorites

In their responses I wasn’t surprised to see that they LOVED the products that helped them clean safely and effectively, while saving them time and money. Here are the Go Green Team top three:

1.So many people are excited about the EnviroSponge — It’s one of my favorites as well. With the EnviroCloth (with BacLock) on one side and a scrubby sponge on the other, the EnviroSponge is incredibly versatile. As team member Susan Williamson puts it, it provides “scrubbing power and the enviro cleaning power all in one handy product.” Team members love the convenience of the sponge size and use it for everything from cleaning up quick spills, greasy stovetops, microwaves, and dirty dishes to bathroom countertops and shower doors. “I can scrub and then flip and wipe,” says Karla Joy Bell. “It’s a real time saver.” According to many of my team members who never used sponges because of the smell and germs that can build up, this product has been a game changer because of the BacLock, Norwex’s exclusive  antibacterial agent (read more about the power of BacLock), that is used for self-cleansing and inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew from growing in the sponge.

2. I heard from dozens of team members with children and pets that the new Chenille Dry Mop Pad is their hands-down favorite new Norwex product. Made from extra-long nubby chenille microfiber, the Chenille Mop Pad is statically charged and does an amazing job at picking up and holding on to dirt, dust, pet hair and crumbs. “We have two Shetland Sheepdogs with lots of hair to pick up,” says Christine Hafner. “Because the Chenille Mop Pad, picks up twice as much as the original pad and I don’t have to brush it out as often, I end up saving a lot of time.” Candice Bookmiller has been able to cut out an entire step in her cleaning process. “I have hardwood floors and three kids so in the past I would have to sweep before I dry moped,” she explains. “The new mop pad picks up so much, that I don’t have to sweep before anymore.”

3.We all want to cut down on waste and the introduction of Norwex Napkins, which are made from 50 percent recycled materials, has been a huge hit with my team. “I love the Napkins,” says Katie Small. “We have six family members. Each person gets a Norwex Napkin. And, I’ve removed paper napkins and paper towels from my house!” Team members like that the self-purifying BacLock helps the Norwex Napkins stay clean longer between washes than other cloth napkins and that laundering them is so easy. Plus, they’re an attractive addition to the dinner table. “They are BEAUTIFUL, says Dawn Raney. “They really look and feel like fine linen. Guess what my Christmas gift for everyone on my list is this year?” 


In addition to the new products, team members mentioned the improvements and enhancements to their old favorites. The new, larger Norwex Cutting Board – like the standard cutting board – is made from an incredibly durable composite of natural rice husks with a silicone grip that keeps it in place while you safely cut and prepare food. This means you can ditch your plastic cutting board. And, now, the board is large enough to get any major food prep done. According to team members, the new microfiber colors, including charcoal and sunflower, are great additions, making it easier than ever to match Norwex to almost any décor.

If you would like see these products in action for your self, visit my online store.



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