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Kids really do care about making healthy choices. But sometimes it’s hard. A cheeseburger is more tempting than broccoli, computer games with bright lights and sounds seem more entertaining than running around outside, and, to a young child, imitation strawberry-scented bubble bath can be more desirable than an unscented, toxin-free alternative.

Fortunately, as they’ve gotten older, my kids have grown to understand the value of reducing the harmful chemicals in our home and in the environment. And, they’ll choose a Norwex cloth over a paper towel and Windex because they are aware of the impact of waste on our planet and chemicals on their health.

But when they were little, I’ll admit that I sometimes resorted to stealth tactics to make eco-friendly and toxin-free alternatives attractive to them. Fortunately, Norwex knows how important it is to include the next generation in the quest for a healthier world and has created a line of products just for children. (Click on the video above to see Norwex’s commitment to include young people in its mission.)

Many baby and kids skin and body care products contain at least trace amounts of synthetic and artificial ingredients, including chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colorants, and foaming agents. When kids use our microfibers instead, with only water or our gentle  4-in-1 Kids Wash, you can feel confident that they are not exposed to harmful chemicals. Plus, our colorful and fluffy towels and kid-sized microfiber cloths and mitts teach good habits — and make cleaning fun.

See our November Customer Specials below to take advantage of a great deal on an adorably packaged collection of Norwex kids products that will help you with your stealth tactics to encourage your little ones to make healthy choices that they’ll also LOVE!




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