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Winter’s arrived in Minnesota and I already feel it in my skin! Chapped lips, dry hands, peeling cuticles and parched feet and elbows — they all come with the deep freeze. Fortunately, a dab of Norwex Timeless Organic Shea Butter goes a long way to ease the discomfort of extremely dry skin. The rich emollients help my skin to feel nourished and protected against the elements as it soaks up this incredibly moisturizing butter.

Just massage a small amount in your hand until it softens and then spread it on. The pure organic shea butter, which is combined with avocado oil and Vitamin E, quickly absorbs, leaving skin soft and healthy. I especially love that it is an Ecocert-certified organic cosmetic. This means it’s free from synthetic perfumes and dyes, potential toxins, and animal-derived ingredients. (For those with allergies, please note that it does contain oil from the shea nut.)

Another thing that drives me crazy in winter is staticky fly-away hair. So when I’m done moisturizing my hands with the Shea Butter, I quickly swipe them across my hair to calm it down.

What others say

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my customers and other independent Norwex consultants are saying about the Shea Butter:

I get painfully cracked fingertips in the winter. A tiny bit of Shea Butter helps them heal quickly. If I used it regularly, I could probably prevent those cracks in the first place. – Dani Sokoloski Jones

I love the Shea Butter! It’s so thick and nourishing for my skin. – Vickie Marie

The Shea Butter is perfect for dry, cracking heels. I rub it on and then pull on a pair of socks to sleep in all night! — Marcia Livingston

Love this product! It’s not sticky or too thick like other products at the store. I recommend this to anyone! — Ashley Fesler

I love this product for so many reasons. One, because I have an issue with smelly stuff and it doesn’t smell but works amazingly. Two, it is thick, but not greasy, so it stays on my hands and doesn’t come off on everything else. Three, I have my customers use it at the start of Norwex parties. They get to experience the benefits of the Shea Butter and the microfibers feel super soft in their hands. — Renie Mullen Sebald

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