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One of the questions that I’m often asked about Norwex is whether our Mop System is really worth it. I can understand where people are coming from. More than $100 seems a lot to spend on a mop, especially when there are less expansive brands out there that claim to work wonders on floors.

Usually, I respond to this question by asking people about what they are currently using to clean their floors. Once they really think about everything that’s in their closet — vacuum cleaner, a collection of brooms, dry sweepers, mops, or a refillable mop system as well as various cleaning solutions for hardwoods, laminates, tiles etc. — they tend to warm up to the idea of switching to one, simple solution that will save them money and time in the long run.

The good news is you don’t even have to think about this question in November because November is Mop Month. If you host a Norwex party in the next 24 days, you stand a good chance of receiving the mop, Wet Pad and new Chenille Dry Mop Pad for free!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. I promise you, our mop system will completely change how you feel about cleaning your floors.

Like other Norwex Microfibers, our mop cleans with just water — no harsh cleaners. This means, no worry about what’s on your floors and how it will impact the health of your family. Furthermore, consider the cost-savings of not having to continue buying cleaning supplies and the time-savings of not having to rinse sticky chemical residue from your floors.

The mop’s interchangeable heads make going from dry sweeping to wet mopping a snap. I am super excited about the new Chenille Dry Mop Pad. Made from extra-long nubby chenille microfiber, it is statically charged and does an amazing job at picking up and holding on to dirt, dust, pet hair and crumbs so that sweeping or vacuuming before mopping is no longer necessary. When finished, cleaning the pad is super easy — just sweep off all the hair, fur and other debris in the trash with the Norwex Rubber Brush, and pop the pad in the washing machine. Meanwhile, the blue Wet Mop Pad makes mopping fast and easy. Just dampen the pad with warm water, squeeze it out, and use it on any floor type — including your hardwoods. You can feel confident that your floors will be clean without having to worry about damaging the finish.

Don’t just take my word for it, I recently surveyed members of The Green Team to find out why they like the Mop System so much. 


Why do you love the Mop System?

I love my mop. Love it! I have dogs and young boys, so it is something used every single day in my home. It’s hard to decide what my favorite feature is. Yes, I love how easy it is to use, how clean it gets my floors and the way it picks up ALL the dog hair — but I think the thing I love most about the mop is the same thing that makes me love all Norwex products: Because it cleans with only water, I can let my kids clean with it whenever they want and encourage good habits without having to worry about chemical exposure. — Jessica Marie

I finally have streak-free hardwood floors! It took multiple times of using the Norwex mop, but I never gave up that it was the chemical buildup causing them. We’ve saved a lot of money not having to buy those chemicals ever again.— Terri Clifford Bahan

No more waste! No more Swiffer wet and dry pads! No more chemicals or cleaning agents on the floor!” — Shannon Hayes-Lemp

One of the best things about the mop is how fast and easy it is to just grab and clean. I also love knowing my 1-year-old is safe to walk or crawl on the floor, and it’s clean! — Katie Hernandez


So, sign up to host a party this month. If your party generates at least $750 in sales from three guests and results in just one new Norwex party booking, you’ll receive a free telescopic mop handle, a mop base, one wet mop pad and one Chenille Dry Pad. This package is valued at more than $132! You can learn more about the products from my online store.

Take a look below at the full list of rewards Norwex is offering party hosts this month. The more your guests spend, the more free products you will receive.




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