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I love when the independent sales consultants on my Go Green Team help others find solutions to a problem through Norwex. That’s always my goal when I introduce someone to our products. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a customer who is looking for a better way to clean his mirrors or a business that’s is interested in going green, if I can help someone understand how they can benefit from trying Norwex, I feel like I am doing my job. Recently, I was excited to hear about team member Kristin Verrill’s experience:

Last year, Kristin was watching a tennis match in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina when an acquaintance sat down next to her and began asking her about Norwex. Initially, she thought it was just friendly chitchat, but then Dan Horner, owner of True Homes, one of the top new home building companies in the Carolinas, told her about a business challenge he was having.

Horner’s company has model homes on building sites in both North and South Carolina. The goal of his sales staff is to show the model homes to prospective buyers as frequently as possible. To make a good impression — and potentially a sale — the model homes have to always be in pristine condition. Each time there is a showing, however, dirt gets carried in from the building site, smudges and crumbs show up on granite countertops or furniture from the cookies that are served, kids leave behind hand prints on walls, and fingerprints mark kitchen appliances, etc. Generally, the sales associates don’t have time to clean up after showings and can’t really be expected to carry around a bucket and cleaning supplies to every model home. Horner’s solution has been to call in a cleaning service which costs his company $150 each time, no matter how big or small the house or the cleaning job. Meanwhile, the sales associates are forced to wait for the cleaning crew to be scheduled before they can show the house again, potentially losing out on sales opportunities.

Hearing Horner’s predicament Kristin knew she had the solution. She was confident that Introducing Norwex to the sales team would save True Homes both time and money: “I told him that Norwex has easy-care, low maintenance cleaning products that his sales representatives can keep in their cars. They would only need a few supplies, including the mop , some microfibers, and water to leave the model homes sparkling after each showing.”

That sounded like a good deal to Horner. “It helped that I already had a relationship with him and that he knew he could trust what I was telling him.”

Norwex supplies for True Homes

Horner wanted to see the products in action and invited Kristin to come to his home to demonstrate them to a few of his sales associates. “Everyone was blown away by how quick and easy it was to wipe up messes and clean the floor with just the mop, the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth,” Kristin says. Horner immediately agreed to purchase 16 mop systems and 16 Basic Packages (which include the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth) from Kristin. Later, he upped his order to 70 Mop Collections and Basic Packages so that both sales associates and company executives would have them in their cars at all times. As a bonus, Kristin gave each employee a sample size of Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and the Rubber Brush (to wash the microfibers with and brush out the dry mop pad.) She also provided a tutorial for the entire team, directions and her personal contact information for questions.

The response from the True Homes team?
“The sales associates have been amazed at how easy it is to keep the model homes clean and they’ve noticed that the homes are staying cleaner for longer,” Kristin says. When there have been concerns — such as caring for Norwex Microfibers — Kristin has been happy to work with sales reps individually. In turn, a number of people on the sales team have switched to Norwex for their private use as well.

The best sign that Norwex was the right solution for True Homes?
Six months later, Horner came back to Kristin and ordered 20 more Mop Collections and 20 more Basic Packs for new sales associates starting with the company. And it hasn’t stopped there. Realizing the quality and consistency of the Norwex brand, True Homes has purchased other products including a recent order of 120 Optic Scarfs as employee appreciation gifts.

If you are interested seeing if Norwex might be the solution for your business, please drop me a line, or contact any of the independent sales consultants on the Go Green Team and we’ll be only too happy to help you out!


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