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It’s amazing how much dirt we track into our house. Living on a farm, our shoes are often wet or covered with mud, slush or dust — depending on the time of year.

And, that’s just what I’m able to see. According to a study from the University of Arizona, 421,000 units of bacteria can be found on the outside of a shoe, including E. coli and meningitis. Research also shows, pesticides, led and other pollutants are commonly carried into homes on footwear. Even taking our shoes off doesn’t completely keep the elements at bay.

Before I started using Norwex, I tried all kinds of contraptions to get my floors clean. But either I had to lug around heavy equipment and a bucket, or I ended up with a sticky residue on my floors from chemical cleaning solutions. Admittedly, I hesitated before investing in a Norwex Mop System because I didn’t want to spend more than $100 on a mop. But when I finally did, it was life-altering.

Using the mop pad attachments for dry and wet cleaning with just water, I have been able to get my floors cleaner, more quickly without worrying about coating them with toxins.

It’s so easy. Start sweeping with the dry mop pad. Made from Norwex Microfiber it uses static electricity to draw and lift even the tiniest particles up into the cloth. (Easily remove dust and debris from the mop pad with the Norwex Rubber Brush.) Then, moisten the wet mop pad, wring it out well and mop around the edges from the furthest point toward the door, keeping the leading edge of the mop forward at all times. The wet mop pad has the ability to remove up to 99 percent of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions and contains the self-cleaning properties of Norwex’s exclusive BacLock™ agent. (Watch this video to see the mop in action.)

I love that I can use one wet mop pad to clean an entire floor. This saves a ton of time and I don’t have to carry around a bucket. Floors dry quickly, stay clean longer and there’s no yucky residue. You can safely use the Mop System on any kind of flooring and the telescopic mop handle makes it versatile for cleaning windows, walls and even ceilings.

While the cost of the Norwex Mop System can seem like a lot at first glance, it really ends up being very cost effective. I’ve gone from using a bunch of different cleaning supplies for my floors to just one that’s easy to use and saves time. But don’t take my word for it.


Here’s what my consultants and customers say about the Norwex Mop System:

I love that I can clean really well with only water! — Marie Sjolund Magnuson

The first time I used my Norwex dry mop, I couldn’t believe I was living with all that dust! My home wasn’t clean until I found Norwex. But the biggest benefit is that my children’s skin and upper respiratory symptoms have improved due to eliminating the dust in our home. I’m truly grateful. — Camille Fazio Daley

What most impresses me about this product is that it picks everything up without dirt flying everywhere. It has replaced the need for Swiffer, a steam mop or any other type of mop. — Sarah Robbins

One of the best things about the mop is how fast and easy it is to just grab and clean. I also love knowing my 1-year-old is safe to walk or crawl on the floor, and it’s clean! — Katie Hernandez

I LOVE my mop. LOVE IT! I have dogs and young boys, so it is something used every single day in my home. It’s hard to decide what my favorite feature is. Yes, I love how easy it is to use, how clean it gets my floors and the way it picks up ALL the dog hair — but I think the thing I love most about the mop is the same thing that makes me love all Norwex: Because it cleans with only water, I can let my kids clean with it whenever they want and encourage good habits without having to worry about chemical exposure. My 3-year-old can use the mop with no assistance, and it is so wonderful to see him excited about housework. — Jessica Marie

The reason this mop system works for me so well has to do with my height. It is so fully adjustable that it works for a 6’0″ person and for my sister who is 5’2″ — Kris Madsen McClelland

I LOVE that I don’t have to buy refill pads anymore and my floors feel and look so much cleaner! Added bonus: My kids actually enjoy using it and are more willing to help mop. — Amanda Brown Skinkle

I finally have streak-free hardwood floors! It took multiple times of using the Mop, but I never gave up that it was the chemical buildup causing them. We’ve saved a lot of money not having to buy those chemicals ever again. — Terri Clifford Bahan

MY BACK IS LOVING IT! SO fast and no more dirty water in a heavy bucket to ‘clean’ the floor! — Consultant Jennifer Fassinger Dugan

“I love how easy it is to use with it being adjustable. These mops swivel well and get hard-to-reach areas so much easier.”— Consultant Sarah Latva

“No more waste! No more Swiffer wet and dry pads! No more chemicals or cleaning agents on the floor!” —Consultant Shannon Hayes-Lemp

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