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Anyone who knows me, knows that my car is my second home. Between work and getting my kids where they need to go, I spend a lot of time driving and I really like having a spotlessly clean car. Therefore, for me, one of the most aggravating things about our harsh Minnesota winters is that my car gets filthy so quickly with all the salt, sludge, snow and ice on the roads. I used to head to the car wash all the time but really resented how much the price went up every year just to get the car rinsed off.

At the same time, it’s no fun for anyone to spend a couple of hours outside with the hose creating a wet mess, especially in frigid temperatures. I don’t want to wash my car, and I really don’t blame my husband and kids for not wanting to do it either — no matter how much I try to bribe them.

Boy, was I excited when I came across a video of someone washing their car with the Norwex Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth. It took them 15 minutes, using just one bucket of water — no suds, no hose, no mess! (Of course, with the ice, snow and salt it may take two buckets and 30 minutes, but still pretty quick and easy.)


5 easy steps to sparkle

1. Dunk your Car Wash Mitt into the bucket and wring it out well. (The mitt should not be soaking wet.)

2. Starting with the windows, wash with the nubby side of the mitt.

3. Rinse with the smooth side of the mitt.

4. Polish with the Car Cloth (To get the best use out of the cloth, fold it into quarters and switch sides when the cloth feels damp. Starting with the windows is best because you want the Car Cloth to be as dry as possible to avoid streaks when you polish them.)

5. Rinse the mitt out in the bucket periodically as you clean each section of the car. (You’ll notice the water in the bucket getting dirtier and dirtier, but the mitt keeps on cleaning!)


If you have someone in your life who feels the same way about a clean car that I do, the Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth are the perfect gifts for the season. Throw in a gift certificate for a couple of washes, courtesy of you (after all, they only take 15 – 30 minutes) and you’ll have a happy car lover in your home — trust me.

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