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One of the things that I found most surprising when I first fell in love with Norwex, are the incredibly generous deals, discounts, rewards and incentives that Norwex provides — making it more affordable than you can imagine to transform your homes into safe havens.

I totally understand that even when I show my customers the cost savings they will experience over time by ditching paper towels and chemical cleaning supplies in favor of Norwex, that the price tag for our high-quality and durable products can give people pause.

But then I let them in on a little secret: That if they choose to host a Norwex party, either online or in person, they will be able to earn many of our most popular products for FREE.

Norwex host specials change every month — and depending on the size of your party, the number of guests who book a party during the event, and the sales total — you have the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on Norwex products.

Now, for those of us who are intimidated by the idea of “hosting a PARTY,” it’s not quite what it sounds like. You can have your party anywhere you want and with as many people as you feel comfortable. (The potential to earn host specials, starts with just three buying guests.) So, it’s just fine to very casually invite a few of your besties or family members into your kitchen, if that works best for you. Furthermore, your Norwex consultant does all the prep work. That includes helping with setting a date and invites as well as bringing products to the party and leading the party conversation.

It’s great when you share how much you love Norwex products and it will probably help increase the sales total, but there is no pressure for the host to sell. Just rely on your trusty sales consultant!

In other words, offer some light refreshments and then relax and have fun!  Any time of year or day is the perfect time for a Norwex party. So if you would like to have some fun and earn some great rewards, contact me.


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