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I often tell my clients how proud I feel about being associated with Norwex. Not only is this company’s mission to radically reduce the chemicals in people’s homes close to my heart, but I also feel passionate about the quality of the products we share.

By making the switch to Norwex, I know my customers will have healthier homes and save time and money using cleaning and personal care products that really work.

That’s why I’m super excited to be able to share that Norwex will open its very own state-of-the-art research, manufacturing, and marketing institute in Dallas, Texas in the summer of 2018.

During our leadership conference in early January, we had an opportunity to tour the construction site for this incredible 440,000 square-foot, LEED-certified (or green) building. It is truly impressive and will allow Norwex to manufacture and produce ALL consumable household and personal care products, in-house, right here in the USA. (As you can see from the photo above, independent consultant Shauna Mink and I are just giddy about our hard hat tour!)


Why is this important?


It means that the quality and ingredients in products ranging from our bathroom and kitchen cleaning liquids and detergents to shower gel and body lotion will be completely under Norwex’s control, manufactured in keeping with its high standards for environmental sustainability and safety.

Following its longtime business practices, Norwex is building this facility debt-free — a huge investment by the company, based in part on its experience with taking control of the production of Norwex Microfibers a few years ago. These days, Norwex manufactures all of its microfibers on its own, specially-designed machines, and has eliminated third-party contractors for this work. We’ve already been thrilled to see the difference in the weave and texture of our clothes. Plus, having full control, allows Norwex to innovate more quickly and become even more responsive to your needs. You may have noticed all the new colors and different cloths that have been introduced recently. That’s because you told us what you wanted, we told Norwex, and Norwex was able to make it happen.

With this new facility, right in our backyard, you can expect the same for consumables. Not only will we have the best quality products, but Norwex will find even more ways to create safe havens.

One thing, I’m pretty sure all of us who love Norwex have in common is that we are really committed to eco-friendly solutions that are safe for our family. At the same time, we want to simplify our busy lives and save money. Those are pretty high expectations, and I’m grateful that Norwex cares about those expectations. I can’t wait to see what this company will bring us in the next few years as it settles into its new building!

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