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They say the best things in life come in pairs. I don’t know if that’s true generally, but I have found that Norwex has a great selection of dynamic duos when it comes to my cleaning and personal care needs. I love that often two Norwex products can replace and entire bucket full of store-brand cleaning supplies or a shelf full of chemical-filled creams, lotions, and potions.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. First, the twosome that makes most of us fall in love with Norwex:  our EnviroCloth and Window Cloth. These two revolutionary microfiber cloths alone with just water, and no chemicals, are able to effectively take care of most cleaning jobs in your home. Moisten the EnviroCloth, wipe down your surfaces and dry and polish with the Window Cloth. It’s that easy to get everything from sinks and countertops to windows and furniture clean in record time. Made with Norwex’s exclusive BacLock formula, they can remove 99 percent of bacteria from surfaces when following proper care and use instructions. These two clothes are my go-to cleaning tools and I can’t even count how much time and money they have saved me over the years because I no longer purchase chemical cleaners, disposable wipes, and paper towels.

2. For really tough cleaning jobs, I love pairing our Cleaning Paste with the Scrubby Corner Cloth or a Spirinett. By working together, these products have incredible scouring power and can handle just about any kind of stuck-on burnt-on mess. At the same time, they are gentle enough for most surfaces and I don’t have to endure the toxic fumes and residue from harsh chemical cleaners.

3. Another great pair is the EnivorWand and Telescopic Mop Handle. Used wet or dry, putting the EnviroWand on the Telescopic Handle makes it the best tool for cleaning hard-to-reach spots throughout the house, whether I’m dusting my ceiling fans, wiping down blinds or removing dust bunnies from under our beds.

4. I used to struggle with dry, sensitive skin. But then I stopped using soap and switched to the Norwex Body Cloth or Baby Cloth to wash, followed by the Organic Shea Butter or new Body Balm to moisturize, and my skin has never felt better! The super soft Body Cloth or Baby Cloth (which I like to use for my face) gently but effectively clean and exfoliate my skin. Both the Shea Butter and Body Balm are rich emulsions that are super moisturizing, but absorb quickly into the skin and don’t feel greasy. I especially love the Body Balm because it smells great and its container makes it perfect for keeping in my purse when I’m traveling.

Those are my absolute favorite pairings from Norwex, but this month I am excited to share two more great pairs with my customers. In March, our Customer Specials include the most powerful twosome for the dirtiest of dishes, Norwex’s Dishwashing Liquid and the SpiriSponge for $17.97 (reg. $20.48), and two great products for making every shower a spa experience, the Hair Turban and Back Scrubber for $40.97 (reg. $45.98.) (This pair also makes for a great Mother’s Day gift!) To find out more about these great products, please visit my online store.




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