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I absolutely love spring! After the long winter, nothing’s better than opening windows, airing out the house, and seeing everything come back to life outside. This is also a season for family get-togethers with Easter and Mother’s Day just around the corner. So it’s the perfect time to do a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning to get rid of the winter grime and bring your home back to life too.

Believe it or not, in the U.K. they actually have a National Spring Cleaning Week in March. Being a bit of a clean freak, I read up on it and came across all kinds of great spring cleaning tips and a detailed cleaning checklist. I was pleased to see that most of the suggestions for National Spring Cleaning Week are environmentally friendly and don’t involve the use of harsh chemicals. Better yet, they can easily and quickly be completed using just a handful of my Norwex products and H2O.

Spring Cleaning Chores: 

      • Clean up cobwebs off cornice molding and baseboards. Tip: This is a perfect job for the Norwex EnviroWand. It picks up dust and doesn’t let it go — which means it won’t be falling back on your face when your dust light fixtures or ceiling fans.
      • Clean cobwebs and dirt off ceiling corners and walls. Tip: Connect Norwex’s Telescopic Mop Handle to the EnviroWand and you’ll be able to dust any out-of-reach corner.
      • Dust off mirrors and other wall hangings. Tip: For dusting jobs within reach just swipe with a Dusting Mitt. The power of static helps this super plush microfiber hold onto dust as it picks it up.
      • Dust off and wipe lamps and lighting fixtures.
      • Dust off your furnishing – bookcases, shelving, cupboards, drawers etc.
      • Wipe dust off your lampshades and ceiling fans. Tip: Here again the EnviroWand with Telescopic Mop Handle will come in handy!
      • Wipe marks and stains off your baseboards. Tip: Use a damp EnviroCloth to wipe away just about any mess. For stubborn stains, smears or dirt, I recommend diluting Norwex’s Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent with water (about 1tsp. per 8 oz.), spritz the solution, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it off. This mixture is a fantastic all-purpose cleaner that’s biodegradable and safe for your family. When used with our revolutionary EnviroCloth, it provides the power you need to get into the really icky corners of your kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere.
      • Wipe and polish doors inside and out – clean handles from fingermarks, smears, and dirt.
      • Clean up / touch-up repaint any unwanted wall spots and smudges.
      • Wipe and polish your windows’ glass, both inside and out. Tip: Wipe down shiny surfaces with a damp EnviroCloth and polish with the Window Cloth and before you know it your entire house will be sparkling!
      • Laundry all curtains and dust-wipe your blinds.
      • Wipe and vacuum dust off upholstery – cushions and underneath.
      • Remove upholstery stains – DIY or via professional cleaners. Tip: Before paying for professional cleaning, try removing stains with the diluted UPP, but test it on an inconspicuous piece of the material first.
      • Wash and wipe hardwood, tiles, linoleum and carpet flooring. Tip: Use the Norwex Mop System‘s dry microfiber pads to pick up dust, dirt and crumbs on hard floors. Then use the wet pad with just water to achieve gorgeously clean floors without having to worry about damaging hardwoods or natural stone. Plus, there won’t be a sticky residue!
      • Shake out and vacuum mats, rugs and carpets. Clean flooring beneath.
      • Wash your carpets – DIY with shampoo or book carpet cleaning help. Tip: Diluted UPP is great for carpets too!
      • Wipe dust and dirt off air vents and fans – a germ hot spot.
      • Shake out and wash AC and furnace filters.
      • Test your smoke/carbon monoxide detector.


If you’re as much of a cleaning nerd as I am and this pretty comprehensive list is not enough for you, you can find a detailed, room-by-room spring cleaning checklist at

I believe that with just these six Norwex products and zero paper towels, buckets or cleaning solutions, you can get almost any spring cleaning chore done. Want more tips on how to quickly and easily make it through your personal spring cleaning checklist without introducing more chemicals into your home or having to spend money on a ton of cleaning supplies? Please get in touch.


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