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Every time I see a special deal on Norwex’s Dryer Balls, I’m reminded of the day I stared at the chemicals in my own laundry room, wondering if maybe, just maybe, one or more of them had figured into my bout with cancer or could possibly compromise my health during chemotherapy.

I really didn’t know — but I was resolved to purge my home of every single one of those unnecessary detergents, dryer sheets and fabric softeners, which contain extremely high levels of phthalates and other chemical additives. I had discovered Norwex products, and a couple of wool Norwex Dryer Balls were among my first purchases. It was seemingly a small step toward chemical-free cleaning — but it was one that sure delivered peace of mind.

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I have blogged about how Norwex helps deliver a faster, better and safer clean.

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  • Even better? They actually worked as promised. Made from organic (and responsibly sourced) New Zealand wool, easy-to-use Norwex Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls soften fabric and reduce static and drying time by up to 25 percent. They create space between your clothing items as they are gently tossed in the dryer, allowing more air to circulate between and among the clothes — which decreases wrinkles, too. I have friends who like adding essential oils to their Norwex Dryer Balls for a pleasant, natural scent.

    I’m certainly not the only big fan of these wooly wonders. Recently, I asked fellow Norwex consultants and longtime customers to share why Norwex Dryer Balls are among their favorite products. Among their responses:

    “I love that I don’t have to wonder whether or not what I’m using is safe,” said Christine. “I never paid much attention until someone told me they used dryer sheets to take off their finger nail polish. Now I’ll never go back to using those.”

    “I love how easy these dryer balls are to use! Just throw them in, and I know my clothes will be fluffy,” Andrea said. “They save me TONS of money!”

    “I love the Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls!” Katherine told me. “Knowing about toxic chemicals makes me want to stand in front of the dryer sheets in the grocery store and block people from buying them.”

    “At first I missed the smell of my dryer sheets.” Nicole told me. “Now, just going near that isle at the grocery store, I feel like the smell is overwhelming and toxic. So glad to eliminate dryer sheets.”

    “I love that I have eliminated another chemical from my home,” Jennifer wrote.

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