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Has summer shedding taken up your entire home? Hair appears, you clean it, and it magically reappears again. Having a pet is like a never-ending cycle of hair. But it comes with its many perks 🙂 Our family dog, Daisy, is the cutest little lab! She brings so much energy and love into our home, and hair….and mud. Luckily, Norwex has many products that have made living with a pet so much easier for my family!

First off, let’s deal with the big problem, hair! Hair can get nuzzled in every nook and cranny of your home. The Norwex mop system is hands down my biggest weapon in tackling down the hair issue at my home. The dry mop picks up ALL of the hair, and I can get my floors clean within minutes! The hair does eventually come back, more quickly than I’d like it to. But this mop system is so easy to use, it makes this never-ending task not seem so daunting. Trust me, you’ll save time from cleaning, and feel so much better about your home. Nothing feels better than clean floors! Don’t let your floors get gritty, sticky, and hairy with the chaos of summer. Whip out our mop system once a week and your floors will be in perfect shape! On your carpeted areas, our rubber brush is excellent for collecting hair. All you do is rub it against your carpet, and toss the hair in the trash!

As you may know, Norwex has many personal care products. We at Norwex want to improve the quality of life for all members of the family, which is why we make personal care products for pets as well! Our pet towel and pet mitt are great products to have if you like to keep your pets and home clean! Our pet towel has built-in hand pockets to make it easier to get your pet dry after bath time. Our pet mitt keeps your pet clean really easily. All you do is put the pet mitt on, wet it with water, and pet your pet! Your pet will love it because they think they are getting cuddles from you. I keep our pet mitt by the door and use it to wipe Daisy’s paws off every time she comes in! Its super easy and avoids the trail of mud she has left many times before.

Get your home and pets looking clean with our Norwex products! Have any other questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact me!

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